Thursday, August 16, 2012

Charlie Week #2

Week 2 has come and gone - so crazy!!  We had a very busy second week of Charlie's life, especially since Jimmy was at home all week to help out with everything.  We marked off a few big events - including Charlie's first projectile vomiting episode, peeing on both mom and dad, first sponge bath, belly button falling out and several stroller rides!  And ended it off with a 2 week doctor's appointment, which went great.  Still love our pediatrician and so happy with her.

We had a few good "out of the house" outings, including shopping trips and visits to both the grandparents house.  Including meeting the rest of Charlie's cousins!!!  Overall - everyone was right with the comments that breastfeeding does get better - it totally does.  We have gotten so much better at it and have a much better handle on a "schedule" (well really no schedule, but just eating when he's hungry at somewhat good increments, especially at night).  Hard to believe we only have 10 weeks left with the 2 of us....I need to think about the positive things!!!

Had to show you this cousin picture a little bit bigger - Eli and Katy weren't there and Libbie was in the kitchen, but got 5 of the 8 in the picture!!  Charlie is screaming, but they all look so cute!!  Lots of fun to come with these cousins in Charlie's future!

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