Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Week 40 and Week 41!!!

Since Charlie was born just one day before my official "40 week" mark- here is a picture I snapped on our way out the door to the hospital with him!

My last belly pic of my pregnant with him!!!  (WOW - looking back at this picture and what my stomach looks like now, makes me rethink how I keep feeling bad I had stomach pooch left.  I was a big mama, but makes sense because I had a BIG boy inside me!)

So to commemorate his one week birthday now (that's week 41 if you are not catching on), here's a picture of me WITH Charlie, but not inside my belly anymore!! He's pretty stinking cute!!

I cannot believe its already been a week!! Here we were just one week ago today....

I've been trying keep track of the events and all the visitors, but the days seem to fly by and this mama is much happier when she gets a nap in since my body wasn't accustomed to getting up to feed a baby every 2 hrs!! I'm excited that we made it through his first week ok and are starting to get the hang of things a bit more but at the same time I want time to move slower. I want to savor every sweet look he gives me, remember every wrinkle on his face and neck, remember his cry when he just wants his mom to hold him, remember those funny faces and NOISES that he makes and then the big "tootsie" comes (aka what we are calling a huge baby fart/shart) and never ever forget a moment that I get to spend with him. While I have gotten a little frustrated with nursing, I'm hanging in there and do is he, which makes me feel good with each day he's progressing and confident that we will get better!! But as frustrating as those moments are, those times at night when he's all mine again (like he was when I was pregnant) might be those most special!!

So with that, HAPPY ONE WEEK BIRTHDAY CHARLIE!!  We love you so much and have completely turned our world upside down in such a good way we could never imagine.  You are so freaking cute we pretty much cannot stand it and just like to stare at you all the time.  I'm so glad your dad got to stay home the rest of this week until he goes back to work as we continue to get adjusted and fall in love with you even more.  Here's to many more wonderful milestones and moments with you!

This is pretty much our house everyday and we love it!  We are going to miss your dad SO much next week, but we will have to make it work and will visit him lots at work over lunch time!!


  1. BIG babies are the best! :) Enjoy your snuggle time and take lots of pictures!

  2. You look great!!! And I love that last hospital pic of Charlie...so cute!