Thursday, November 1, 2012

We have a 3 month old...

Wow.  Where to even start??!  I cannot believe you are 3 months old already.  I feel like time has flown by and we went from being these clueless first time parents with a small little newborn baby to now we are still clueless first time parents but we have a 3 month old that is oh so cute, smiles a lot and we are much better and faster at getting out of the house now.  All good things...

I tried oh so hard to get you to roll over before I went back to work a week ago, but you just wouldn’t.  I don’t really care that you aren’t (I kind of like that you are still in one place!!), but I just really wanted to be the first one to see it.  Not that I don’t love your wonderful daycare/school teachers, but I just still want to be the first.  So whenever you choose to do this, just make sure it’s while I’m watching…preferably with a camera.  Thanks babe. 

Speaking of some fun new things you have picked up in the last month that I don’t think you were doing last month:
  • Sucking your thumb – yep, we have a thumb sucker.  However, I’m not complaining because guess what?  If you do wake up in the middle of the night, most of the time you just pop your thumb in your mouth and put yourself right back to sleep
  • You found your hand and you love it.  Aka you try to stick the whole thing in your mouth
  • You drool ALL.THE.TIME.  I call you a drool monster.  You can really see it when you have gray on and it’s like everywhere.  I think it’s kind of cute though.  I’m not sure if you are getting teeth or what, but you sure do have a lot of saliva.
  • You smile ALL.THE.TIME.  I would say this one is a great attribute you have found.  I’m pretty much obsessed with your smile and your giggle.  It’s so fun that you can see my face, I smile and then you smile.  Such a flirt.
  • You really really like the exersaucer!!!  Mom put you in it and even though you are a little too short, you have so much more fun in that than just lying on the ground all the time.  You get bored easy I guess (mmm…you must be related to me).  The monkey and you have staring contests all the time and you are reaching for the other toys now!!  Love it!
  • You are “talking” aka making lots of baby coos, ooos, and ahhs.  It’s oh so cute.  I always talk back to you and ask you what you are trying to tell me.  You obviously don’t tell me, so I just guess.  It’s fun.
  • You love your dad a whole lot.  After I feed you in the morning, I have to get all my stuff ready so I hand you off to dad and he takes you downstairs and talks to you while he’s eating breakfast before we all 3 head out the door.  You could stare at him forever I think.  I love it.
  • You are doing great at daycare/school.  I’m probably going to stick with calling it school even though it seems silly because it isn’t…but you have “teachers” and “tuition” and even school pictures, so we’ll go with it.  But you like it and all your friends there too.  The teachers are very nice and sometimes they don’t want to give you back at the end of the day.  I think they like you too!!  Your dad said he walked into get you the other day and you were sitting in a swing just laughing and giggling.  I love that and it makes me feel so much better about leaving you there all day.
  • You are taking a bottle much better.  That is because of school and your persistent teachers.  God bless them.
  • You are on a pretty good schedule and sleep between 8-10 hours a night.  Which is great!!  Keep it up big man!
  • You are wearing most 3-6 month clothes now.  The Carter’s 3 month onesies are getting a bit tight for your ever growing stomach.
  • You are still in size 2 diapers, but getting ready to take the leap to size 3.  I didn’t get to weigh you this week, but am going to have to figure out where a baby scale is because I can’t wait until your 4 month appointment since I was so used to knowing every week.

Overall, you are just so wonderful.  It’s crazy because I think back and I don’t know what life was like without you around.  You are seriously the most wonderful little man in the world and I’m just loving how fun you are getting already – can’t imagine how much more fun it’s going to get as you start to interact more and more.  Now that I’m back at work full time, get ready to spend all weekend with your parents.  Last weekend your dad said I barely put you down.  Yep, he’s right.  I didn’t want to let you go. 

I am pretty sure every day I don’t think I can love you anymore, but somehow the next day I do.  Love you Charlie bear!!!

And now the 3 month photo shoot…..

You slowly fell this time, but unlike your 1 month photos, you didn't seem to be too sad about like to roll with the punches I guess!

Your 3 month "birthday" also happened to be picture day at school AND Halloween - so here are a few pictures of that.  I love you in the tie - such a babe!!!

YOUR FIRST HALLOWEEN!!!!!  You were a baby Giraffe (Aunt Lyndsay bought it)

We went to a Halloween party - your dad was supposed to be a zoo keeper...who apparently doesn't know how to shave!!  Mom was supposed to be a zoo keeper too - eh, guess not.

 A picture with Julia and Kristen!!

And finally, one with you and your brothers and sisters!!!  It was a zoo...Willy (bear), Milly (zebra), you (giraffe), Toby (lion).