Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mommy and me and the weekend events

Because I seriously don't have time to pee anymore (literally only went to the bathroom once at work today...ugh), I'm combining a few posts. I also realized I never even acknowledged it was my husbands birthday last Wednesday. Dang it. Trust me, I didn't forget it though- whew.

The mommy and me pic this week?? It was Sunday morning.  Mom had homework to finish and really didn't want to mess with Charlie's nap schedule - so we decided to not go to church and just watch it online from our couch.  Best decision ever.  This little man woke up from his morning nap right in time for church and was super snuggly with me while we listened to the sermon.  And it was a good one.  Everything we needed after a long week.  Moments like these I know are limited, but I can always hope my little man will find a soft spot to lay on my shoulder!!

So for the rest of the weekend?  Well - we installed a baby gate on Friday night.  After quite a tumble.  I am not quite ready to blog about it because it was pretty traumatic {for mom and dad, Charlie thought it was no big thang}.  But now we have a permanent fixture in our house that our mobile man is trying to figure out what to do with...

Saturday we had Ben's first communion.  Due to this kid's napping - we didn't go to church to see it at 10AM - and because he tends to scream/make noise lots now, but we did meet everyone at Tim and Shellie's house for lunch.  And Charlie just loved it.  Had the best time playing with all his cousins, seeing Grana, Pops and Gigi and crawling EVERYWHERE.  Pulling up on everything too.  Luckily, his cousin Libbie is so sweet and put a box together of "baby friendly" toys, that included a stethoscope.  Needless to say, maybe we can skip out on our 9 month well check up the first of May because cousin Kenlie said "his heart sounds good".  Thank God for these cousins!!

I thought this was the cutest picture too.  This is Ben (in the middle) and his cousins Blake and Brady checking out his aqua frogs - so cool.  He couldn't decide what to name them!

Apparently aqua frogs are a great pet - easy to clean, don't die, etc.  Maybe someday?!

Saturday afternoon?  Well that was spent with some friends, some babies and some food.  We walked over to Sarah and Josh's house to hang out with these crazy kids and their husbands.  Needless to say - we will be doing this again.  It was nice to all be on the same page - start hanging out at 3:30, all headed home by 6:30 for bed time!!

{Lauren & Tommy - 3 mo} {LeighAnne & Bennett - 6 mo} (Brittany & Charlie - 9 mo} {Sarah & Bo - 6 mo}

Still trying to keep our head above water. Once upon a time I had enough time to do "everything" that included cooking, working out and blogging.  But with 2 jobs, 2 classes, a baby and a husband - some things are getting pushed to the side.  This blog for one and my workouts.  Come summer - it's game on!!

PS Where did spring go!?????!!!!!!

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  1. Love the pic of you two! Aren't snuggly babies the greatest! We have had to do the same thing lately with church, I'm so happy to have sermons online! Glad you have some other Momma friends with babes to hang out with too, it is just wonderful! Thanks for linking up, friend!!!