Monday, April 15, 2013

Mommy and me: PLOP

After a weekend of getting lots of to-dos checked off the to-do list, Monday came at us like a ton of bricks.  Tax day, paired with a long day of meetings with too much to do and an over-tired baby that just cries until he passes out.  Whew.  Is it Friday yet?  Or really- this week we are looking forward to Wednesday...Jimmy/dad's birthday!  YEAH!  A mid-week party.

As for our picture this week?  It's from last Wednesday...our anniversary.  And yes, I'm wearing my wedding dress.  No - it's not zipped up.  HA - wouldn't that be a miracle?? But at least it got over my hips right?  My boobs - well - after putting that dress on I realized that stuff does REALLY change when you have a baby.  But guess what?  It wasn't sad to put on my dress - it was fun, like it is every year.  And Charlie liked playing with the big skirt.  He thought it was fun and we even got a video of it.  Those are memories folks.  Even in a dress that didn't zip up.

Even with a crazy baby that wakes up crying every three to four hours at night from sitting up and crawling all around his crib...we're still smiling at this house.  Counting our blessings.  Lucky to have each other.  Lucky to have our health. And lucky to have a baby that eventually stops crying and literally PLOPS down in his crib and goes back to sleep.  Jimmy and I stare at the monitor just waiting to see the **PLOP**.  It's pretty funny. 

P.S.  When did my child get so big ? He looks like a toddler in this picture.  AH!!!

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  1. Love that you put on your dress each year. I don't even know where my dress is! And I feel you about the sleepless nights. Avery was doing the crawling thing a lot and then we changed her bumper from the breathable to the big bulky one and she stopped. At night at least, naps are a whole different story!

  2. This is hilarious! I'm definitely starting a new tradition and putting on my wedding dress this July!!!

  3. Charlie looks so ornery in that picture--I love it! And what a fun thing to have on video!