Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Three years already

Three years.  Jimmy and I were driving home on Sunday night talking about our wedding day.  How it really just seems like yesterday.  Oh man, it was such an amazing day.  All our family and friends and just so much love.  What's crazy is that I really do think we love each other so so so much more than we did on that day.  At that time, looking into his eyes and committing to him for the rest of my life, I really didn't think it was possible to be more in love or more smitten.  But it is.  It just keeps getting better.  Goes along quite well with the lyrics of our first dance song, Brad Paisley, Then.

{Jimmy, no one understands me better than you do.  No one can make me smile more than you can.  No one overlooks the crazy things I do better than you do.  A hug from you can make all the bad go away.  

You are such an amazing husband.  You are such an amazing father.  You are such an amazing friend and partner in life.  I am so lucky to have you.  We are lucky to have each other and our families.  I love our little family that we have made with our 3 dogs and our sweet little Charlie.  And I can't wait to make more beautiful babies with you too!!  Because I'm not going to lie, you helped me make one cute baby.  

Before I got married, I didn't know how people could be around another person all the time.  But guess what?  When I don't ride to work with you and get that extra time to talk to you...I miss you.  It's weird, right?  Because I see you all the time.  Like ALL the time. But I guess that just means I really love you.  Because I miss you even those short times that we are apart.

I am looking forward to many, many, many more years full of love, laughter, tears, fights, smiles, hugs, tantrums with you - and really anything else that might come our way.  You literally are my better half.  Cheers to 3 years of marriage!!!}

Wedding picture favorites.  4.10.10 was sure a great day!!

Honeymoon {take me back!!!}

{Mexico in May 2011 - Seacat's wedding!}
{Baby shower, summer 2012}
{First family picture, July 31, 2012}
{Charlie's baptism, November 17, 2012}

{ZBB concert date night, February 2013}
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  1. Being the total sap I am, this made me tear up! Everyone hopes that their friends find that perfect guy and you totally found that! Jimmy is such a perfect fit for you and you are both amazing parents! Can't wait to watch your family grow. Love you three! (Or should I say six? I really love the dogs too. Especially Toby...)

  2. Hope you guys have such a special day!! I can't believe it's already been three years...

  3. Happy Anniversary!!! Hope Charlie made your 3rd one the best one yet :)