Monday, April 29, 2013

Mommy and me: the shoulder hug

I love every week that I use this post to look back on my pictures that I have captured in the last week to see which one I am going to use for "mommy and me".  I like that I get pictures of me and Charlie.  Because seriously, I have plenty of just him.  But it is nice to see us together in a picture.  Of course it makes me so happy.  I found a few gems this past week.  One was a rather normal pose before I headed off to class on Thursday night.....

And the second one?  Well - this one is my favorite.  I love when this kid snuggles his sweet little head in my shoulder.  I honestly believe my shoulder and chest were made for his head to rest on them.  And I also believe that his head fits there better than anywhere else.  I think every mom thinks that, right?

As your 9 month bday approaches, it's funny because "stranger danger" isn't really in full force, but when you see people for the first time or meet new people and I'm holding you, you smile at them and then bury your head in my shoulder.  Like you are pretending to be shy or something.  Because we all know you aren't.  But it's seriously the sweetest.  I love it so much and love when you hug me back.  Ah......such a sweet thing having a child is.

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