Monday, April 8, 2013

The weekend...simple and sweet

This weekend wasn't anything special- but it was just full of sweet little moments- good and bad.

Friday night we were all completely exhausted and went to bed early. We're crazy I tell you. But this lady needed some sleep bad. After a week that entailed getting a new job (which meant lots of new meetings on my calendar to add to my already busy job), an event for grad school, lots of homework and getting all our tax stuff ready...Friday at 8:30 never looked so good.

Saturday, Charlie started stirring around at 6, but I figured he was fine until 6:30 in his crib since that's his usual wake up time. I turned off the video monitor and at 6:30 went in his room. To my surprise- he was sitting straight up in his crib. That's a first. But in addition to that, he looked SO big. He went down for his morning nap and Jimmy and I feasted on the normal weekend morning breakfast deliciousness that Jimmy makes. We sat there and watched the video monitor as he started to wake up.    Not only did he sit up again from laying down but he started pulling up on his crib. 

When I walked in to get him- this is what I found.

Too big. Not ready for this at all.  Huge milestone too.  AH!

The weather was nice- a little windy- but we headed to the park down the street to meet our friends and neighbors, the VanZandts. It was so fun to have some friend time and Bo took advantage of the nice weather and took a nap!! Of course I didn't get a picture of anyone but me and my little man - but that's ok, I know they were there!

The rest of the weekend?  Well that was spent doing some homework and hanging out with this guy.  He likes his toy basket WAY better than any of the toys in it.  And he also really likes to pull up on things.  Even the out world.

And what else?!?!  Well - we figured out how to crawl.  Yes.  Not just an army crawl, but a "I'm on my hands and knees and will go anywhere I want to crawl".  As you can see, the dogs are not impressed.  What are the dogs impressed about (particularly Willy), the fact that Charlie enjoys throwing food on the ground.  Willy loves waffles.  And puffs.  And even green beans.

We went over to the Kanatazar's new house with Jimmy's friends on Saturday night and it was so fun.  Since we didn't get over there until 5:30, we decided to bring the pack n play and let Charlie go to sleep there.  Well, he was fine but when he woke up at 10:30, we just put him in the car and headed home.  UM - I'm not sure if we'll ever do that again, which is a little depressing for our social life.  He was a complete mess all night after that and wouldn't go to sleep.  He woke up a few times that night and we were all exhausted come Sunday morning.  But at least the company was good and their house was awesome!  Makes us want to be neighbors!

We met my parents, sister and cousin out for lunch on Sunday and then had to go to my parents to do our taxes.  Yes, we waited until the last minute.  Of course.  So while I sat in front of the computer plugging in numbers, Jimmy, my dad and cousin went and got some extra furniture from our house and my mom and Charlie?  They went on a walk.  In the stroller that my mom used to push my sister and I around in.  It was pretty entertaining - however, I was a little worried.  Nana made fun of me, but let's get real - the safety regulations in the 80s were a LOT different!!  They still looked cute though!  The best part?  I got to take a nap - or maybe 2 - it was heaven.

When we got back to our house late Sunday afternoon, I felt well rested and happy.  Just happy with my life.  Happy with our little family, my wonderful husband and my Charlie.  He's just growing up so fast and changing everyday.  Trying to soak in every moment of him.  It was just the type of weekend that I needed...simple day to day things that were just oh so sweet.

Hope you had a great weekend too!! 

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