Sunday, April 28, 2013

Weeks 34 - 36...I haven't stopped

So I haven't been slacking on these weekly "collage" things or the pictures.  I HAVE been slacking on getting them loaded to the blog.  So here is a catch up.  Three for now and then a few more later.  I take so many pictures of this kid still that it's hard to pick which one to put on these.

I always ask myself if I am actually going to look at these again?  Like will this be worth it to look back on later?  Every time I think about that and think about when he's like 15 years old and hating me - I know I will be thankful to have these to look back on and remember my sweet little boy during his first year.  Right??!

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  1. I was just wondering about you the other day and your posts. Glad you are hanging in there!

  2. You won't have to wait until he's 15 to want to go back through. It's crazy how quickly they grow up!!!