Friday, April 12, 2013

Weekend is here

Oh my goodness folks, Friday has finally arrived. What a week!!! I'm in the middle of transitioning jobs to a different department at work so I have literally been at my desk for like 2 hours this week and with meetings, training and pumping 3 times a day...I feel like I'm running around all day like a chicken with my head cut off. But in the end, thankful for a new job opportunity!!

Speaking of, my man got a promotion on Monday which we've also been celebrating this week. Promotion, anniversary, and his birthday all in 2 weeks- Jimmy has lots to be thankful for!!

And Charlie?? Well you saw the new moves in this last post. Moves that he likes to practice at 4am....every morning. We finally let him cry this morning and let him figure out how to go from sitting up to laying down and to sleep by himself. After a horrible hour of crying/whining, he was out until it was time to wake up. He just is so excited?!?

Lots to do this weekend. Here are some major to-dos:

1. Dye my hair. That means I have to find time to drive to the drug store, buy hair dye and the 30 minutes to apply it, let it sit and rinse. Easier said than done. However, my natural ombré is not cutting it.

2. Finish our taxes. Totally slacking on this one. We usually have these done well before April 15. Not this year. This is a have to do- its the law folks.

3. Garage sale!! That's right- the Carter's are having our first garage sale. We saw the sign that it's our neighborhood one Friday and Saturday, so we decided to just do Saturday. Our basement is filled to the brim with random stuff and it needs to go.

4. Go to church. We had been really good about going every weekend and somehow during Lent, we did a horrible job. There is an awesome new sermon series, so this is a priority!!

5. Celebrate friends. My good friend Carly is getting married in June and her wedding shower is this Sunday! So excited to see some friends and help her celebrate :-)

Sounds like a pretty good weekend to me!!! Hope you can enjoy yours too.

And I can't end this post without any pictures. Here are some pictures of Charlie from Thursday. His outfit kills me. Consignment mock turtle neck and overalls from baby Gap?? Pretty stinking cute even if he looks slightly like a train conductor. And that walker toy!? Don't even get me started. Growing up way too fast.

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  1. Remember to breathe. ;)

    Hope you had a great weekend. And love the overalls.