Sunday, March 9, 2014

22 weeks along

This might be my favorite attempt of a bump picture ever.  Usually I have Jimmy take them on Friday mornings before work, but didn't feel like it this Friday. This was taken on Sunday after church and wow - Charlie was in a great mood.  Haha!

How Far Along?  22 weeks

Size of Baby: Size of a papaya and she weighs about 12.25 ounces now

Gender: Little baby GIRL 

Weight Gain: 14.5 lbs  - we'll see if this holds up in 2 weeks after going overseas for a week. 

Maternity Clothes: For sure.  I'm still getting some non-maternity shirts in here and there though!

Nursery: Well - the nursery is FULL of baby girl clothes, which is so fun.  But no progress other than that!

Movement: Yes!  But she is very LOW.  I can only feel her in my lower belly and just tons of pressure on my pelvis.  (see below).  

Symptoms: Lots of pressure.  TMI, but sometimes I get up from a chair and feel like my whole pelvic area is just going to fall off.  I asked my doctor about it at my monthly check up and her response?  I asked my doctor about it at my monthly check up and her response?  A smile and "that's normal" and "welcome to being pregnant for the second time".  So apparently because my parts have already been stretched once, she just makes herself happy down there!!!

Sleep:  Better!

Cravings: Well - I tried to give up sweets for lent.  And yeah, my husband is out getting me a hot fudge sundae from McDonald's right now.  So maybe I should stick with the other lenten resolution for NO cussing (this is necessary no matter what because of my 19 month old that repeats everything).  Even though I feel like we don't cuss that much, the random words that come out when something goes wrong, like "damn", "shit" - yeah, those are easy for him to repeat.  So I'll stick with that one!

What I Miss: Nothing much this week actually!

Best Moment This Week: Going through ALL the clothes at my boss' house. Oh my goodness - so many cute little girl clothes from newborn to 9 months.  She is SET and boy are they cute - all the leggings, bloomers, dresses, etc.  Oh my!!!

Panic Moment This Week: Freaking myself out about the fact that baby #2 will mean less time with Charlie.  

Looking Forward To:  SPRING!!   We got glimpses of amazing weather this week and I cannot wait to just wear a t-shirt and skirt instead of having to bundle up (including Charlie and no coat!)

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  1. That pic is awesome!! You are looking great - I am pregnant with #3 and I know what you mean about pressure!!! Oh and didn't you know? Pregnant women are exempt from Lent, so enjoy your sweets and maybe a swear word or two :)

  2. Think of it this way, you won't necessarily be spending LESS time with Charlie, just a little less one on one. But that's what mom/son dates are for right? :)