Monday, March 24, 2014

24 weeks of growing

How Far Along?  24 weeks

Size of Baby: size of a grapefruit (yum, I love grapefruits!)!

Gender: Little baby GIRL 

Weight Gain: 16.5 lbs

Maternity Clothes: Yes - all maternity pants and I'm in desperate need for some maternity leggings.  I'm ready for SPRING to officially get here because my coats are starting not to zip up!

Nursery: So I think I've found what I'm looking for.  Going with coral, gray, orange and cream.  A little different from the light pink I was thinking - but I found some amazing sheets at Target that I'm going to use as fabric and I think it will be awesome!  Lots of thinking and dreaming of ideas in my head and on Pinterest!

Movement: I'm loving it!  I just love love love feeling her move around all over.  

Symptoms: Heartburn - oh lovely heartburn.  For sure starting to set in!

Sleep:  Doing ok - slowly but surely adjusting my body back to US time.  I woke up incredibly early on Saturday and Sunday morning and couldn't go back to sleep.  Not sure if it was the time change coming back late on Friday night or just lots of things spinning in my head

Cravings: Hmm...nothing that I can think of in particular.

What I Miss: Last week I was missing having a drink at a pub...but I lived!!  I am still craving sushi and Mr. Goodcents and a Jimmy John's beach club - just like last time!

Best Moment This Week: Coming home to Kansas City and seeing Charlie!  I ripped him out of the car seat (have to say it wasn't like I imagined because Jimmy stopped to get gas so wasn't waiting for me inside!!) and hugged him and kissed him.  Even though he really wanted to get back to watching Elmo on the way home, he made me hold his hand the whole way home.  It was amazing.  I know that has nothing to do with being pregnant - but everything to do with how special being a mom is!

Panic Moment This Week: #somuchlaundryinmyfuture  Essentially I washed all the 0-3 month clothes and oh my goodness.  I forget how many clothes a little baby can wear because they seem to get everything dirty!

Looking Forward To:  More progress on the nursery and feeling like her clothes are organized!  And making a list of the stuff that we will need for baby #2.  FAR less than the first baby, of course, but we will need a few things - like an extra camera, double stroller, stuff like that!

Cannot believe how fast the time is going!!!

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  1. Ooo I can't wait to see the nursery!!

  2. Looking good! I was going to tell you...we decided on a double stroller! Joovy Caboose was the most popular response when I asked for suggestions from friends on Facebook! The older child can sit (buckled in) or stand on the back and unlike some other sit & stand type strollers, it doesn't have to be converted from one to the other. There is an adapter (that came with ours) that works with most infant carriers. We found ours on Craigslist...perhaps you can find a similar one there or at one of the upcoming consignment sales!