Thursday, March 20, 2014

A thankful five on Friday

Well - I've blogged every night this week about my London adventures, so wanted to focus on all the things that I'm very thankful for this week!

The last few weeks some things have happened that have really made me thankful for the friends and family and wonderful support system I have.  Even though it was nothing that directly affected me, there are some things that just make you realize how blessed you are, right?  So in the spirit of that - Five things that I'm thankful for right now!


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My family.

Being away from them all this week made me realize how thankful I am that we all live in the same area (and so close) and how nice that is to have that support and love so close to home!

On Saturday, when I left, Jimmy and Charlie went over to his parents house to enjoy the beautiful weather and play with his cousins.  How great it has to have built in friends like that!  They are all such wonderful little people that Jimmy and I have loved watching grow up and now we love watching them play with our son!!

My parents were also there to help out and invited Jimmy and Charlie over for dinner on Wednesday night.  While I mentioned it made me homesick face timing with them all, it also made me realize how lucky we are to have them all so close and that they can go pick up Charlie early from school to give him a few hours of fun "riding the bike" and playing "pinball" with Nana and Papa!


My friends.

Oh jeez.  I don't even know where to start.

I am thankful for all our friends.

My long-time friends from elementary school that our time together is approaching over 20 years as friends.  Thinking of all the things we have been through together all this time and how wonderful it is to still have those constant people.

My husband's friends that I now am lucky enough to call my friends.  He sure picked some good people to run along with in high school.  From the guys, to the girls, to the spouses that all those people have picked - it has been such a blessing seeing their support and love for us over the years and I have loved how my friendships with them have grown enough that they now can call or text or email me.  I love that.

My college friends.  Wow.  These past weeks have truly shown me who strong our bonds are.  I will say our bonds of wine and silver blue because we are Pi Phis and that is where we all met.  But while that's where we started - it's something more than that.  Much more and much bigger.  It's unbelievable to me how we have people scattered all over the country and how we still band together when one of us needs support - during the good times and the bad.  I am so so thankful for these strong, fun, hilarious, loyal and gorgeous women that I was lucky enough to be sorority sisters with.


I am thankful for our jobs.

I know this might seem like a weird thing to be thankful for, but in all honesty, when you both work outside the home 40 hours or so a week + travel time, it says a lot when you are both happy.  I mean a lot.  I would say that my life has changed for the better in many ways with the recent job change.  And it's so nice to see how that has transformed our life at home as a family.

We eat dinner together (that is not dinner that ALWAYS only required 5 minutes to be cooked) and we have time to play at night before we put Charlie to bed.  We don't come home totally stressed out or sit on our phones or computers all night working.  While we might not be the richest people in the world, Jimmy and I are on the same page that money isn't everything.  And we have learned that money won't always make you happy.  It's the life you live and the people you surround yourself and also the work you do, whether you are paid for that or not.

So yes, I'm thankful for our wonderful jobs that provide us the income for all the things we want and need but also that they also keep us happy (for the most part!).


I'm thankful for our church.

Lucky for us, we didn't have to switch churches when we moved about 25-30 minutes away from ours.  It is a big church in Kansas City and has multiple campuses, which one of those just happens to be 5 minutes for our house.  While we were hesitant to try it out, as we knew it would be different going to the smaller campus versus the main one, we have been so happy.  And we are actually really enjoying the smaller church atmosphere a lot.

We have already met some great people, Charlie is doing great in the nursery during the service (which he wasn't at first, but now that he knows the girls there, he loves them) and we are slowly but surely starting to get more involved in classes, groups, etc.  I'm so excited to start the Alpha Marriage class that they are offering on Friday nights this next Friday.  We did Alpha together before we got engaged (or maybe married? I cannot remember), but this is different in that you sit at a table with just your spouse and eat dinner while listening to a speaker and then have time after the speaker to talk, ask each other questions (with I believe some fun prompts) and get some quality time together.

When I saw this class advertised, I knew we had to do it.  Every parent knows how hard it is to get a good date night in and when you do, you realize how long it's been just the two of you and find yourself wondering when the last time was you had a really good talk (or is that just us?!).  So I cannot wait to have some good time alone with Jimmy and some great conversations.  Just what we need as our life is about to get a lot more crazy with baby girl on her way!


I'm thankful for Jesus and this time of Lent and Easter.

Easter is that holiday where even if you don't go to church regularly, you are likely to go on Easter Sunday.  And of all the days of the year, I would say it's one of my favorites to go to and hear all about Jesus and his resurrection.  Thinking about the ultimate sacrifice that God made of watching your own son hang on the cross for the forgiveness of all our sins.  Yep, that's pretty amazing.

So yeah, I'm thankful for God and Jesus and the wonderful feeling I have of knowing there is a heaven and that no matter what, in good times and bad, He is always with me making sure I know that eventually it will be all right.

What are you thankful for?

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