Saturday, March 1, 2014

21 weeks along

How Far Along?  21 weeks

Size of Baby: Size of a carrot and she weighs about 10.5 ounces now

Gender: A sweet baby GIRL 

Weight Gain: 13.5 lbs - I read online that I should have gained 10-15 lbs, so yeah!  I feel like I've gained more - but isn't that always the case?

Maternity Clothes: Oh yes.  While I'm not that upset that we wear jeans at my job every day, I'm going to have to start breaking out some leggings and/or skirts because pants are just no fun already.

Nursery: No progress this week.  I really don't know where this week went!!!

Movement: Oh yes.  I love the little movements and flutters that I feel.  It's crazy to think at some point she'll grow as big that I can see her move just like it was with Charlie.

Symptoms: For some reason, but back started hurting this week.  I tried wearing my pregnancy band from last time to see if that helped, but it was just more uncomfortable.  Other than that, no complaints!

Sleep: Still ok.  Thankful that our little man is sleeping good so I/we can!

Cravings: Does it count that I for the fact that I never got my favorite Valentine's Day candy during the Valentine's Day season so I ordered them on Amazon?  Man they taste good!

What I Miss: This week it was a Corona.  I swear I really even don't drink that much, but I saw this yummy recipe for shrimp tacos for summertime and was thinking how good it sounded!

Best Moment This Week: It was very fun and crazy this week to go shopping at the consignment sale for a girl AND a boy. 

Panic Moment This Week: While it was fun shopping for both a girl and a boy, oh man I have a lot to learn about how best to shop for girl clothes.  There are so many matching outfits and do I need matching socks and bows, etc for each of them?!  Sheesh!

Looking Forward To:  Seeing how sweet Charlie treats his little sister.  He was so cute at school this week with the baby dolls there.  His teacher got a cute picture of Charlie on the ground hugging a little baby doll.  We'll see how he is with one that makes a little more noise!

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  1. Funny you say that about shopping for girl clothes! As I was walking down the girl aisles at JBF, I was thinking about how easy it is to pick out boy things. A few shorts, polos, t-shirts, and button-ups, and call it good! There are so many options for girls and I totally agree, it's probably very overwhelming, especially after boy shopping for 2 years! But, I bet you're having a blast at the same time! :)