Tuesday, March 18, 2014

London: day 3

Ok, while I didn't do much real "sight seeing" after work today, I did have another wonderful London experience - this time going out with some of my coworkers here in their London office!  

We went to a little pub (that SMELLED like a pub) across the street from the office right after work and then headed through the streets and caught a bus to a little area called Brick Lane.  And boy was that interesting.  Here is a glimpse of the street view...

It was FULL of Indian restaurants and the minute you hit the street, one or two workers from every place was outside tracking you down and bargaining with you to come eat at their restaurant.  They were yelling "50% off your bill" to "2 free rounds of drinks", etc.  It was nuts!  They were very keen on who the actual decision makers in the group were because they stuck to harassing them the most, so luckily I wasn't aware of anything that was going on and I have only eaten real Indian food once in my life years ago in South Carolina, so I just played along.

Two of the folks negotiated a great deal at this one place what seemed to be like a great place and we had our own little table downstairs for 9 (the restaurant spaces are SMALL - in addition to the bathrooms!).  I was SO happy that seasoned Indian food eaters were there because they pretty much ordered for us and picked out some amazing things to try.  

This was the appetizer - I guess similar to chips and salsa with a variety of salsas??  Then we each had a little appetizer and I had a HUGE fried shrimp that was delicious and then I ordered  Chicken Tikka Masala and paired with some rice and nan it was delicious!  It was such a fun night getting to know these folks more and hear some funny stories!!  They are some pretty amazing people!  One of my co-workers from Lenexa is here for the week too and his wife and son tagged along, so it was fun seeing his younger son try Indian food for the first time - he actually had a great attitude!!

Then we headed back on the tube - where I got to experience my first tube outage due to a signal (?), so that was nice to be with someone I knew that rides the tube all the time to tell me it's normal!!  

Whew!  No getting stuck on the tube for me!

We were out late and I'm POOPED!  This staying up late is worth it to chat with my boys, but man, I'm ready to go to sleep after a long few days.  It's finally catching up with me.

Since I don't have that exciting of pictures to share, wanted to put some pictures of the apartment that I'm getting to stay in for the week.  It is amazing and with an excellent view and location to great restaurants, tourists spots, transportation hubs and our office, so a win-win all around.  And even better?  When I got there on Sunday, they informed me that they had just opened last Monday so they were literally brand new!  And it's obvious.  Smells new, feels new, etc.  It's very "green" and Ikea-like, so it has been great to stay in!

Left: view from the door; Right: view of the bedroom

This is the bedroom TV and the separator thing that you can close.  So modern!

Dressing table and the view.  The view gets me every time.

The living room - that I have never used once!

The TV in the living room, kitchen table and then galley kitchen.

The kitchen is pretty cool and even though it's small, they have thought of every space saving thing!  You wouldn't believe by looking at this thing that there is a fridge, freezer, dishwasher, microwave, oven, stovetop AND washer and dryer in here, would you?

See - I told you it was like those mock rooms at Ikea that you walk through that are a 600 sq ft apartment that has it all!

My favorite part?  I haven't taken a picture of.  The bathroom.  Actually I just really love the shower a lot because it's on that hangs from the ceiling and you stand right under.  I love it!!!  I will try to remember to get a shot of it!

One last thing I have loved - Jimmy was so sweet and stuck all these notes in my bag that as I unpacked 2 of them came out and made me smile!  And he must have stuck on in a pair of under ware because I took those out on day 1 and put them in a drawer and then when I got a clean pair out to put on yesterday, the note fell out and I was beaming!  So it was quite the nice surprise being so far away from them and still getting to see nice little notes and encouragement!

Tomorrow?  A very busy day at work followed by a ride on the London Eye!  I have my ticket purchased so there is no backing out this time!  Cannot wait!

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