Monday, March 3, 2014

Closer to 2 than 1 - AH! 19 months old

Height: 33.5 inches (85%)
Weight: 25lbs and 4oz (40%) - so yes, tall and lean right now
Clothing Size: 24 month and 2T
Shoe Size: size 6 still
Number of Teeth: 16 (all 4 canines are IN!)

Since there is no 31st day to the month of February - do you really have to turn 19 months old?  You can just stay 18 months, right?  Oh, there are some days I wish that was the case and others not.  Because this stage is challenging but hilarious and fun at the same time.  The balance between these two is definitely something that I'm learning how to do through this journey of motherhood.

While you have your moments - you know, where you get so mad over nothing (or really nothing I can figure out) that you throw yourself face first on the floor, yes, even hardwood floors, and scream and cry and kick your legs on the floor and flail your arms while I just stand there in awe, for the most part, you are pretty stinking adorable and all these words that you are starting to say and learn and the emotions you know just amaze me. 

I love your laugh.  I love that you laugh with me.  Sometimes we are sitting there eating dinner and I start laughing and then you start laughing and we just laugh together.  It seems so silly, but seeing your face light up and your sweet little smile and teeth and listening to your laugh...oh my goodness.  I so wish I could just bottle that up and keep it forever.  So so adorable.  I love when you see me and you say "HI mom!" and smile. 

I mentioned your learning.  That is also so fun to watch and see.  The things you know, like when we are walking down the stairs and it's dark, you look at me and put your finger to your lips and go "shhh" indicating to be quiet.  It's hilarious and the first time you did it I was blown away!  When we read books at night, I don't have to ask you what the animals say or what's on the next page, you already know it.  When you drop something or something happens on TV, you go "OHHHH NOOOO" really loud and dramatic like.  It's hilarious.  Your dad wants to know where you get that from - well, probably me.  But it's pretty cute.  

You are obsessed with Elmo.  Every TV you see - you run up to it saying "Elmo?" and pointing.  Oh boy.  So we now have Elmo on our phone that you call, peek a boo Sesame Street version.  But the funny thing is?  You don't like physical Elmos.  We got you a little stuffed Elmo...and nope, no interest.  But Elmo in a book, on a TV or on an iPad/iPod - watch out!  Your other obsession?  The book "No, No, David" by David Shannon.  I found this out at your Valentine's Day party at school and wow - you love this book so much.  You can recite every word...give that pretty much every word is "no", but you take it quite literally.  You listen to me when I say "no, no, David" versus "no, no, Charlie".  Yes, it's weird, but I have to say, the way you say "no, no, no" is pretty stinking cute.  Luckily we just got our own copy at home so you don't have to wait until school to read it.  Your final little thing this month?  Playing pinball and Nana and Papa's.  Every time I say "you want to go to Nana and Papa's?" you say PINBALL like 45 times.  Yes, I think it's fun to play too!

You still love school and all your friends - you give them hugs (especially Kate) everyday when I pick you up to leave.  You're so sweet.  The sweetest thing that happened besides saying "I love you" (or really, what sounds like I love you) and blowing kisses is when I ask you where mommy's baby is.  You know.  Sometimes you even go hug my stomach.  And sometimes, you like to lift up my shirt to expose my bare belly (and baby) and say "Hi baby" then kiss/hug her. When you did it on Valentine's Day night for the first time - I almost started crying.  You still did it every once and a while, and if we are lounging on the couch, you seem to situate yourself and your head right next to your sister.

Oh boy.  We're sure in for a treat when this little girl makes her way into our lives.  You will be such an amazing big brother and are turning into a boy everyday.  I cannot believe you are now closer to the age of 2 then 1 - where did my BABY go!?!?  I guess that's what we signed up for - and all I can say that this has been a wild ride, but your dad and I couldn't have asked for a more wonderful and sweet little boy.  We love you and are looking forward to spring time with you!


Your mom and dad

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