Friday, June 20, 2014

It's Friday AGAIN!

Ok so apparently June just wants to fly by too before I can blog about anything else besides pregnancy updates and random five on Friday posts.  AH!  Where is the time going?


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Aka wanting every room in my house to be "ready" for a baby.  Ha.  Which is stupid and dumb because this baby doesn't need anything except me, her dad and her brother's love - but I'm going with the fact that she also likes new furniture, ok?

two of these beauties arrived at our doorstep from yesterday.  Jimmy put them together and walah!  Happy mama.  I'm still working on where exactly they will go, but I love them!


Remember the nesting theme?  Well that means to me having LOTS of food in the freezer to cook up after baby girl arrives (and leading up to it).

I found this AWESOME website that all the summertime crockpot meals look delicious and easy to prep AND she gives you a grocery list, which honestly usually takes me the most time when I'm freezer meal cooking.  Sold.  I will make sure to update later on what I thought of these meals after we devour them!

Check it out here:


New shoes.  This time, not a shopping spree for mom or baby girl.

But Jimmy and Charlie went on a father/son date on Wednesday night when I was out to dinner with my wonderful Pi Phi friends to get new shoes.  They are just the cutest those two.  Jimmy said he picked them out himself and Charlie had the choice between red and blue and went with blue.

Hmmm - red and blue are the only options?  Either wait, they are pretty stinking adorable!


This week, three of our six family members (including our three dogs) visited the doctor this morning.  Of course me and BGC are weekly OBGYN visitors, but Charlie made a trip as well on Thursday after the second call from day care at 4PM that week.  Tuesday, it was "Well, Charlie fell straight into the door and has a huge knot on his head" and Wednesday it was "Charlie has a weird circle wound on the top of this head that is oozing".  Oh joy.  Mom and Charlie went to go see Dr. Andrews on Thursday and it turned out to be impetigo - which likely started from a bug bite.  Shoot.  But at least we got cream, it's not contagious AND the doctor checked his head out as well!

The other doctor visitor?  Willy. Yep - poor guy was pooping blood on Thursday (TMI - but really, it's a dog...).  Jimmy took him on Thursday afternoon and luckily it's just a bacterial infection and anal gland problems but gross.  I think Jimmy is sick of picking up that nasty poop!!

So all in all - we are happy this week is past us!!!  And no more pediatrician or vet visits until after her arrival please!


NO PLANS this weekend!!!!!  OMG.  First weekend in a month.

That's all for number 5.  If you cannot tell, we are pretty excited!

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