Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My fav mom posts this week

Hi!  Remember me?  Oh yeah, I spend my evenings after my child is in bed studying for the Series 7 exam.  

I thought I got away from tests when I finished grad school, but everyone is required to take this test at the job I started in January, so here we go!  I'm a little over half way through studying and am excited to be done soon.  When it comes time to take the test, I will be that much closer to having a BABY.

But in the mean time, I leave you with these few Internet gems that pretty much sum up my life right now.

I'm guessing you have seen them on facebook - but they are amazing.

First, this little video parody "I'm so pregnant".  Every line in this video describes me right now "In my last month", "no we don't know her name", "I cannot see my toes", "out of TUMS".  Oh my.  These ladies hit it right on the money.

Second - have you seen the article "5 minutes in a Mom's head?".  I'm sure MANY mom's can relate but WOW.  This is so funny and so true.  I just wish they had a version to parallel what goes through a man's mind in the morning.  Because I'm pretty sure it consists of "Ugh, I don't want to get up.  Five more minutes" and then they fall back asleep.  Or is that just my husband? ;)

So there you have it.  Two of my favorite Internet "sensations" right now.

I seriously cannot get enough of that music video.

In the mean time - here I go back to studying!!!  Happy hump day!
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