Friday, June 13, 2014

35 weeks has come and gone

So yes, I'm really 36 weeks tomorrow -but leading up to week 35 was a doozy!  Shoot - my man was gone, so this hugely pregnant mama was flying solo and I seriously gained SO much more respect for single moms.

What else did I gain?  Some weight, of course, but also a sense of perspective about all the stuff my husband really DOES do to help around the house.  You know, like clean stuff when I tell him too, do the dishes and tell me even though today might have been rough, there will be tomorrow.  Yes, we both missed him and glad that he's back and all is great in the world!

How Far Along?  35 weeks 

Size of Baby: about the size of a honeydew (the website says she's almost 5.5 lbs - holy cow!)

Gender: Little baby GIRL 

Weight Gain: 34 lbs 

Nursery: Sorry folks, no updates here!  I need to finish up a few DIY projects and make sure her diaper supplies and clothes are in the right place, but not stressing out as there will be plenty of time for little DIY stuff on my three month maternity leave with her!

Movement: Whoa baby watch out - she's a wild one!!!  However, I just love feeling her.

Symptoms: Yeah - the swelling is not horrible - yet.  I'm still waiting, but am so thankful it has somewhat subsided for now!  I am not sure if it's just me or the cooler weather but I'm loving it.  That heartburn though? Brutal!!!

Sleep:  Well - this particular week leading up to 35 weeks - Jimmy was out of town 2 nights (and 3 bedtimes).  Let's just say the first night - Charlie decided he wanted to wake up EVERY two hours and literally scream "MOMMY" at the top of his sweet little lungs until I hauled my pregnant butt out of bed and into his room.  All I had to say was "Charlie, go back to sleep" and he'd plop right back down and go back to sleep.  Then wake back up again like clockwork.  What a weirdo!  However, the night that Jimmy got home, I had worn him out so much from all the fun we had that week that he didn't make a peep.  Of course that is how it works!

Cravings: Just loving frozen drinks so much - Sonic happy hour is my jam.  However, it's during the work day (boo..) but we have gotten it at work a few times in the last month.  So that's awesome!  Keep me hydrated!

What I Miss: Energy.  Normal sleep.  Sushi.  Lunch meat.  Oodles of caffeine.

Best Moment This Week: As I mentioned, Jimmy was gone for the majority of the week, so it was mom and Charlie time.  While I was somewhat terrified to be doing single mom at 35 weeks pregnant, I will say I rocked it pretty well.  I enjoyed spending solo time with Charlie and loved our nights together.  We did lots of fun stuff and were both tired.  We talked a lot about being a big brother and read the big brother book lots and lots of time.  So I loved soaking in time with him alone, while feeling her move around.

Panic Moment This Week: What's going to happen when one of us have to travel for work with TWO kids?!?!!??  Oh my lord.  And guess what?  It will happen - he will travel and so will I.  His will be more often and shorter trips and mine will be likely quarterly, but longer trips.  Time to buck up!

Looking Forward To:  Starting to see the doctor weekly and get updated on any "progress" as we get ready for her arrival! Oh - I also need to pack my hospital bag and install the car seat bases!  And I need some coming home outfit ideas!!!

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