Wednesday, June 25, 2014

37 weeks: full term baby girl


Is it just me, or when you look at this picture compared to just last week at 36 weeks - you think WOW - she's really pregnant?  Or did you just think that the whole time?  Ha!!  Well - I think that's a whole lotta belly and to me it looks like she dropped a bit.  Or maybe the angle?  My doctor and I talked about how with my second she might not drop until I go into labor, but then at my appointment this week she said she thinks she did.

And just for fun - check out my 37 week picture with Charlie. Oh my.  My face is SO much more swollen.  Even though I'm super uncomfortable at this point - I'm thrilled to not be as swollen as last time - or anywhere near close to it!!

How Far Along?  37 weeks (as of last Saturday)

Size of Baby: about the size of a small watermelon (6.5 lbs)

Gender: Little baby GIRL 

Weight Gain: 36ish lbs - this week has been weird because I feel like the scale goes up and down daily but hasn't made any big moves. 

Nursery: Nothing again on this front - after my test (FRIDAY!), I will get to work on the small stuff next week.

Movement: Yes yes yes - I love it.  And lots of hiccups.  I don't remember these with Charlie so I just love them. She's usually pretty reliable and has them around 9PM every night.

Symptoms: As I mentioned some last week - the swelling is starting to heat up a little.  But with only 2.5 weeks left - I'm fine with that.  My left ankle seems to be bigger than my right, but let's be real it's just so dang HOT in Kansas City!  Heartburn is still constant - I pretty much live on tums, but for the most part (besides the pressure that is happening as she is slowly making her way down there more), I'm feeling good for being so pregnant! 

Also - no progress this week on the being dilated front - she said I'm still a 1, but that she does think she's moved down - so that's good news!

Sleep:  Peeing about twice a night now, but I think that also has to do with me inhaling water at night.  So it's going ok

Cravings: I still LOVE watermelon, which is what I lived off of with Charlie, and I'm dying to get to Houlihan's happy hour again for date night with my hubby to eat some more of their stuff mushrooms.  OMG - so good.  Cannot stop thinking about them.

What I Miss: It would be nice to be able to bend down and stand up and not be in pain - but I'm not complaining.  I'm still feeling pretty good and just looking forward to holding her and eating some SUSHI!

Best Moment This Week: Have I mentioned I just love my doctor?  While it is a lot to go every week, her office is super close to my work and she's just such a breath of fresh air.  So calm and fun to chat with.  I love going there solo and getting an update on baby girl and hearing her heart beat and talking about our predictions for her arrival!

Panic Moment This Week: Ha - coming home from Hillsdale Lake on Saturday night.  I had a massive pregnancy hormone meltdown in the car.  Then Jimmy responded to the whole thing "well, I don't think we should have a third baby then...".  Yep,  WRONG thing to say for sure.  Cue additional massive meltdown and tears that were streaming.  Love all these hormones!  (and the freak out was just because we are having 2 kids and it's becoming much more real!)

Looking Forward To:  A family wedding this next weekend (and our last wedding before her arrival), getting my test at work done (come on FRIDAY) and getting ready for her arrival.  Hospital bag is packed and bottles are being sterilized.  I mentioned last week the car seat was installed and I prepaid our hospital bill and also ordered my free breast pump from my health insurance (um - btw, that's awesome!).  So checking things off the list is feeling GOOD!  Now the countdown is on!

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  1. That's awesome you're still feeling really good! I'm 34 weeks tomorrow and am feeling GINORMOUS! And ohhh don't ya just love those pregnancy hormones?! LOL

  2. Holy moly, it's getting REAL! It's going to be an awesome feeling to be done with your test tomorrow...then you can just relax and focus on her arrival! I am so excited!!! Oh and I got my free pump too--amazing!!!