Friday, June 13, 2014

Five on Friday!

All right - here's some random for you on FRIDAY.  Seriously, where are the weeks going - they are just FLYING by it seems like!  Before I know it - it will be time for sweet baby girl's arrival!


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S You know how pregnancy can cause insomnia?  Well - I would not call it full fledged insomnia by any means, but once I wake up at night - to either a child screaming "MOMMY" at the top of his lungs at midnight, or to another child in my belly that is making me have to pee - I cannot seem to go back to sleep.

So I sit and think and stir and contemplate things.

Like how bad I want to just get this test over.  And how bad I want Jimmy to build us a new kitchen table.

Farmhouse table please...

 And what the heck are we going to do with our backyard to make it more functional?

I'll take one of each please..... (source 1, source 2)

The list goes on.  And then I twist and turn and dream of double cheeseburgers.  For real.  I almost had Jimmy get me one at 10PM last night, but I (we) went to be starving instead.  Rough life.


Another thing that has been CONSTANTLY on my mind and keeping me up at night?  Charlie turning 2.  I mean yes, of course I constantly think about BGC and her arrival - how can I not?  She's a little pushy with her kicks and moving! But yes, 2 weeks after her planned arrival date is Charlie's birthday.  Oh my!

So what does that mean?  That means I will not be hosting a full fledged DIY party at my house.

Nope - last weekend I booked Little Monkey Bizness and we are having a small, low key get together, complete with bounce houses, slides and lots of space to play.  Doesn't sound much better than that, right?

I even got the artwork for his party today and ordered the invites!  Look at me go!

The theme?  Well, we are going with Monkey - mainly because he is a little monkey and that is where the party is. I'm excited and with some help of friends and family, we'll have a blast and he will love it!  I cannot wait!

One of the fun many pieces that I got to coordinate from this cute Etsy shop (Storybook Lane Crafts)!


Speaking of birthdays....this little lady has a birthday this weekend!  Now next year is the BIG one - so this year it's a little more low key with just a family pizza night.  But next year - watch out!!  This mama will NOT be pregnant and ready to throw a party for her mama!

Nana and Charlie when he was younger - time flies!


Weddings are the name of the game and what we have been doing the last 2 weekends.  And what we will be doing this weekend (along with 2 bridal showers and a bachelorette party that I am missing out on).

I'm not going to lie, weddings every weekend is exhausting, but add the summer heat to that and the fact that I'm about ready to POP with this's a little more exhausting.

And by the way, did you know that it's not socially acceptable to wear yoga pants to a wedding?  Ha!  I wish!

No - we have enjoyed celebrating with our friends on their special days the past 2 weekends and can't wait to again this weekend!  And then just 3 weddings left in June - ha!  Don't worry, we'll only be attending one of the three because they are all on the same day/night - but sheesh!!

Two weekends ago at Kyle and Nicole's wedding

At Katie and Max's wedding last week with former Hallmark co-workers!


By the way, to end the randomness...when did my child turn 5?  Or I guess look like he turned 5?

He is growing up WAY.TOO.FAST.

The days and weeks fly by with work/school/eat/sleep and we try to cram fun stuff in between.  Next thing I know, we are having another baby and he is transforming into a big boy that talks and runs and plays and has a VERY big opinion.  He's also hilarious and a very funny dancer.

But seriously, growing up TOO FAST.  Slow down time.  I can imagine it only accelerates with two kids!

My sweet BIG boy munching on a muffin and showing his school spirit during their Alex's Lemonade fundraiser

Who's ready for the pool!!??

Happy weekending to you all!  You know what we'll be up to this weekend!  And next weekend is FAMILY weekend - so already looking forward to that!

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  1. I've got a couple of super cute maternity dresses if you're in need! One I wore to Prom and the other I wore to a wedding--both while pregnant with Brantley. I'm sure there are pics of both on my blog. :)

  2. Loveeee that farmhouse table!! My hubby and I built one, and it was shockingly easy!!!