Thursday, June 19, 2014

36 weeks: feeling LARGE

Again - I actually had this picture taken and was planning on blogging from my phone while waiting at my doctor's appointment on Tuesday - but I have prioritized studying because I want to take this test next week and be DONE!!!  Will be back to blogging land soon.  Mainly because I have been going through a few of the posts that I wrote leading up to Charlie's arrival on all the emotions I was feeling and just want to make sure that is documented for baby girl as well.  It's so fun to go back and read them and think about the time BEFORE their arrival when they are already here.


How Far Along?  36 weeks 

Size of Baby: about the size of a coconut (just under 6lbs)

Gender: Little baby GIRL 

Weight Gain: 35 lbs 

Nursery: Ha - nope, nothing here.  But I'm not worried - I do need to get on packing that hospital bag JUST in case.  I had a moment the other day thinking if I did go into labor Jimmy would have NO clue what to pack me.

Movement: She's not kicking as hard, but still rolling and moving around. Did I mention that she hiccups every night around the same time.  9PM.  It's pretty sweet.  Sometimes it's when I'm going to bed, sometimes it's when I'm showering or sometimes I'm just sitting and I love feeling her.

Symptoms: Well, some swelling of the feet by the end of the day has begun.  However, last time I'm pretty sure my legs and whole face was swollen last time.  So I'll take it!  I'm just all together uncomfortable though with this big belly and literally struggle to bend down!

And I need to add "progress" updates since there is one! As of Wednesday, 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced. So not much progress but at 36.5 weeks- ill take it as something and we're moving in the right direction!!

Sleep:  Not many complaints in this department actually!

Cravings: Summer time drinks!  not necessarily beer, but just something refreshing sitting on a patio that is not water, iced tea or diet coke.  

What I Miss: Not wanting to go to bed at 6PM.  Not having anything in my whole closet seem to fit right (even maternity clothes).  And finally, the energy to do ANYTHING.  I cannot even tell you how excited I am that we are having someone come clean our house on Monday.  Sheesh.  I literally am just grossed out and think about how I need to clean all the time, but I'm just too tired or swollen to do it by the end of the day.  So yeah for cleaning ladies!

Best Moment This Week: Had fun at another wedding and embraced the BUMP!  Baby girl was getting lots of love from friends and family.  Also celebrating Father's Day with my baby daddy.  He didn't quite have the excitement that I expected when he opened the surprise Zach Brown Band tickets Charlie and I got him - but I'll still take him!

Panic Moment This Week: Welp - I now have TWO car seats in the back of my MINIVAN.  Yep - we're old.

Looking Forward To:  Getting so excited to meet this little nugget!  I cannot wait for Charlie to meet her either and see how he loves and reacts to her.  Life is going to CHANGE for real pretty soon!

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  1. So close! You look great! I'm having a cleaning lady come next week too and I seriously can't even wait! I just hope the baby doesn't decide to wait to come late because it'll need to be cleaned again haha!

    Do you guys have a name picked out?!