Saturday, June 7, 2014

Charlie: 22 months - almost 2!

So I have officially been saying "almost 2" when people ask how old you are for a while now - because it's just weird to say "22 months".  Weird, but scary because the reality is you ARE almost 2.  I am not quite sure when that happened because these last 2 years have just flown by my sweet boy!  Before we know it your little sister will be here, then your birthday will be here and we will be a family of 4 with an infant and 2 year old.  So fun and so awesome.

Height: I'm going to go with 34 inches
Weight: 28.5lbs
Clothing Size: 24 month and 2T
Shoe Size: Size 7
Number of Teeth: I think we are getting 2 year molars.  So fun!

Oh Charlie man.  This past month has been SO fun.  You are learning so much every day.  Repeating everything and learning things so fast.  I just love love love watching you learn and soak everything in.  You are a little sponge my friend.

Believe it or not, you are getting more independent in every way.  From pulling up your own pants, taking off your shirt and playing by yourself - you are becoming quite the big boy and it amazes me and your dad everyday. 

Some of your favorite things this month are pointing to the airplanes in the sky (you can hear them from anywhere - it's crazy - then point to the sky and scream) and you have become a fan of swimming.  Well I say a fan - but it's not your favorite thing, but not your least favorite thing. You will get lots of swimming in this summer - so I'm excited to see you learn that.  What else do you love??  Bounce houses!!!!  We have been going to lots of different activities (PV art fair, Old Shawnee Days, KC zoo, Aquinas picnic, etc.) that have bounce houses for kids and after seeing your reaction to them over and over again - I'm confident I know why they are there.  You seriously just jump and jump and jump some more.  I love it!

You have lots of new sayings and words.  You love saying "Mama home" if I'm gone and come back.  It's so sweet!  You are still obsessed (or weirded out) about dog poop and won't let it go when you find it in the yard until we pick it up.  But now you are also obsessed with poop in the real bathroom. You think every time your dad and I are in the bathroom that we are pooping and you make sure everyone knows it. Fine at home, a little embarrassing in public restrooms.  Ha!

The driver seat of a car is where you want to be.  Nana and Papa are to thank for that.  You love to sit in their SUVs and honk the horn ("beep beep") and turn on the radio, the windshield wipers, the turn signals - everything.  Mom and dad are not so keen on that, but let the grandparents spoil you, I guess!! 

You have become much more vocal about what you want to eat and what you don't want to eat.  Your favorites this month are eating eggs for breakfast, muffins and you LOVE bananas.  Luckily Costco bundles of them are pretty cheap because you eat at least one, sometimes two, a day.  We also ran out of the applesauce packets, which apparently was the worst thing ever because you freaked out for 2 days about it until we went and bought them.  Didn't even make it to the check out before you had to have one.  Silly kid!

My favorite thing this month?  You FINALLY pucker up and kiss me every once and a while when I ask for a kiss.  It's seriously the sweetest thing EVER.  I just love that you want to kiss me too!!!

You do have quite the personality and let us know when you are not happy.  Aka you start crying/screaming/kicking.  Luckily it doesn't happen TOO often, but still, your dad and I just tend to ignore you and you seem to get over it.  I don't think this will be going away anytime soon however, so we'll need to figure out ways to help you better deal with it when you are so angry.

We also have been preparing you as best we can for your new role of big brother that will be upon you very quickly.  You are a sweetheart to mom's belly and Stella came over the other weekend and you were very nice to her - I was actually VERY surprised and it made me so happy!  You love reading your big brother book so much too.  So we are excited for these last few months with you as an only child and helping you transition into your new role.

We love you more than you will ever know my sweet boy!!!!  It's been such a wonderful 22 months with you in our lives.  Your laugh and dancing and snuggles and hugs just make us smile.

Love you, mom and dad
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