Friday, December 5, 2014

She is already 5 months old!

Length:  No idea- I tried to attempt to measure her but she's so wiggly
Weight:  Jimmy's guess on the scale method was 18 lbs - might be more!
Head: ??

I know, I know.  The typical statement of "where does the time go".  But it's true.  The months keep flying by and Maddie keeps growing up.  Getting bigger, learning new things and getting more and more fun and cute by the day!!!

  • You have the cutest smile and you are not afraid to share it.  You will smile and whomever smiles at you or makes a funny face!
  • Sleep - good news.  Stopped waking up every 1-2 hours with the help of some probiotics and likely the start of eating food now (seriously, how it is already time for this?).  Still wake up once a night or so for a snack, but usually go right back down which is awesome.  Unfortunately, because of the winter cold/congestion that doesn't seem to go away you hate laying flat in the crib - so we've gone from the rock n play (because you are too long for it!) to now the nap nanny on the floor in the middle of your room.  Eventually we'll get you in that crib full time!!
  • mid month we moved up to size 3 diapers.  Hard to believe that because Charlie is still in a size 4!
  • all those 6 month long sleeve onesies and leggings/pants I bought last month?  Yeah - those don't fit anymore!  Most of them are too tight/small, so we did a big Black Friday shopping spree and got you lots of 9 month clothes.  Hard to believe!!
  • Moved up to 6 ounce bottles at school and guess what?  You are now eating FOOD.  So so crazy to believe that.  It kind of snuck up on us all.  But your pediatrician recommended jumping into rice cereal and then veggies that might help you sleep better.  So we started that - and guess what?  You LOVED it.  All of the food.  Now you're eating it once at home and once at day care.  We are slowly doing all the vegetables and then will go to fruit!
  • Nursing is still going good - you get a bit distracted, so sometimes we have to go into a quiet room.  I'm so happy this is still going great for us - I hope we can keep it up as long as possible!!!
  • Still rolling like a maniac both ways.  And you can sit up for a bit unassisted.  I love that stage when you can sit, but not yet move....

Things you like:

  • Breastmilk - from the direct source or bottle.
  • Rice cereal and sweet potatoes (so far...!)
  • You love to laugh and smile and giggle. 
  • Tummy time!
  • Bouncing - you LOVE the Johnny jumper and will seriously just bounce and bounce and bounce away.  It's so fun to watch you and is so nice because we can get stuff done too!
  • You are completely mesmerized by Charlie.  You just stare and laugh at him.  I keep telling him that you're watching - so he better not be a bad example!
  • Still love your pacifier and baths.  

Things you don't like:
  • When you're gassy!!  
  • And when your mom is not holding you and I'm around.  I love that you're a momma's girl and still can fall asleep on my chest.

Special memories- oh so many this month!!
  • You got your first baby doll from your great grandma Bruns!
  • You got baptized and are now officially a member of the Rez West!!
  • Your first Thanksgiving - oh what fun we had.  Just to think next Thanksgiving you will be able to chow down with us all!
  • You met Santa - twice.  And loved him both times - you must be after something big girlfriend!
  • I have loved watching the relationship with your brother grow - he's very protective of you and it's so sweet.  You're infatuated with him.
  • Trying food for the first time - oh what fun these new experiences are with you!
  • You got to officially meeting a few baby friends - including Bennett.  You were HUNGRY girl when we laid you down for this picture - but I promise you guys had so much fun earlier!  If you have a thing for older guys - he might be the one for you because his older brother and your older brother are great buds!

Bennett and Maddie (2 months apart)

A note to our girl:

As time passes, we just love you more and more baby girl.  We are adapting to being a family of four and it feels so normal now.  The holidays are crazy - as always - and that made this month fly by (as usual).  I love getting to celebrate with our family!!  We have had some nice time to snuggle and spend alone too - which has been so important to me.

You are quite independent and love just jumping away by yourself.  From you smiles, small laughs to your giggle fests - you are quite the happy little lady.  I think it's helped that you are finally napping better and we are getting you on a good schedule.  More sleep = good for everyone!

As we get ready for a CRAZY month of December full of holiday celebrations, parties, and some wonderful family time - we cannot wait to see all teh fun that this next month has to bring as you learn to sit up, eat more and keep growing sweet girl!

Your parents


Maddie and Charlie at 4 months:

This photo shoot was extra fun because Nana and Aunt Lulu were there to help out and she just thought they were SO funny!!

You and your first baby doll

Chillin in the bumbo and snacking on your teether!  

And hanging with cousin Kenlie - you LOVE her and the feeling is mutual.

Just a girl and her dad taking selfies...

Doing ART with your feet at day care!

Your baptism day.  I love this photo!

You love SANTA!!

You love checking out books - that'a girl!

You LOVE your feet now and your high chair.  Such a big girl now!

Happy Thanksgiving - as always - you're happy and your brother...not so much!

Charlie loves to "hold you" and you LOVE your food!!!  That silly kid ask for "baby Addie's cereal" all the time now for a snack - what a hoot.

Cheers to another great months sweet girl.  Seriously they are flying by!

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