Monday, December 8, 2014

A new kitchen farmhouse table - DIY!!!

 It all started with this plan on Shanty 2 Chic's website - I saw this photo on Instagram way back in like May of this year.  And told Jimmy that I wanted him to build this.  At the time I was about 7.5 months pregnant - so even though I was the one that built everything in the past, he was going to have to take on that duty.

And take it on he did.  He rocked it.  I gave him heck for taking 6 months to finish - but in between learning how to do it right and becoming an expert on the Kreg Jig...the farmhouse table and matching bench became everything I ever dreamed of.  Seriously.  It's amazing.  Huge, heavy and AMAZING.

It literally completes our kitchen.  And the added bonus?  The new rectangle light as well - which was a steal from Menard's as well that we have had for awhile.

To give the full effect - here is the before.  Makes quite a difference huh?  This table was from my parent's house that was pretty old.  We passed it on to my sister now too - just moving through the family!!

And a side view of the after.  For sure not the best photog skills...silly iPhone and nighttime.  I need to work on those. But trust me - it looks FABULOUS.  Makes our kitchen look so amazing.

Look at those details.  Jimmy did such a great job and put so much work into it.  From the sanding to the stain to cutting the boards just perfectly.

I love the bottom - which you obviously do not notice right away.  But I do and I love it.

And the second best thing to the table?  The matching bench.  Yep - he took it one step further and rocked this bench.  I love it so much.  Charlie does too and we have already used it a few times for the baptism and Thanksgiving.  Fits so many people!

Ahh - I just love the detail!

And the top.  it's amazing.  Jimmy used the Kreg Jig to connect the boards from underneath so there are no holes on top.  It looks like it's professional!

Now we just need a rug big enough to go underneath it!

But seriously - best husband ever.  Totally worth the 6 month wait because he built the whole thing for under $200.  And that is even with having to buy the top boards twice because he screwed the holes through the top the first time (don't worry I found a re use for those boards).

And the chairs?  I found those at Old Time Pottery on clearance.  They were the ebony stained chairs - and I knew I wanted the off white chairs.  Enter in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  I got a quart of that in Old White and after two coats on each of the chairs and then a seal - wahlah!  Off white chairs that fit just perfect and were only $25 each.  I know, can you believe it?

The whole table, bench and six chairs for under $400.

What I love is that I really feel like DIY projects makes our house feel more like our HOME.  In our last house, it felt so much like home because we DIY everything ourselves.  One project at a time, this house is truly feeling like ours!!!!

Now that I know Jimmy's skills - I have a list of other projects!!!

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  1. LOOOOVE the table and love the new blog design!