Monday, December 1, 2014

28 this still allowed?

So let's be clear- when someone asks how old you are- I clearly don't say 28 months- I've transitioned that to 2.5.  Which seems so crazy too. Two and a half years old.  I can't say two though because you do way more now than when you were "just two".  But you are still two months away from being 2.5.  It's an odd conundrum I'm in!!  Wondering if this is hard for anyone else? Haha. Or just me...

Anyways, as I do these monthly updates for baby sister- I really want to do these every once and a while still because Charlie Carter- you are changing and growing each month and learning and changing so much.  It's so so fun.  Challenging at times, but very fun.

Height: 36 inches- a whole 3 ft tall!
Weight: 30lbs- you are quite the string bean
Clothing Size: 3T shirts because you have a long torso and 2T or 24 month pants bc you are skinny minny! Really some 2T are too big. 
Shoe Size: Size 8
Number of Teeth: All your baby teeth are in.

I covered pretty much all of your "likes" from different categories and even some "dislikes", but you are turning into such a cute little man.  You might have been a bit slower than some of your friends in school to start talking, but boy oh boy you haven't wasted any time catching up.  You talk non-stop.  You are SO curious about everything now - always asking "why mommy" or "what's that daddy?".

You are a great little helper and I have finally figured out if I can get you to help out with something - you are totally into it.  Including food.  Because you seem to really still love to snack my friend - however, Cheezits are not an appropriate diet for an almost 2.5 year old.  The solution for now?  Make something that you help with and you eat it and go on and on about how you fixed it!  It is pretty cute and fun to have you as my helper too.

Speaking of - you are quite the stellar big brother.  You are for sure testing our limits and maybe not the happiest that your little sister does seem to get lots of attention (but let's be honest - when you are throwing tantrums and screaming on the floor, most everyone would choose to hold your sweet little sister instead), but when we ask you to help us with something that revolves around her?  You are in immediately.  Fetching the pacifier?  Instantly.  Helping her bounce?  You're in.  "Baby Addie's" bathtime?  You run up to help clean her.  It's pretty cute.

There have been a few moments that I have loved witnessing because I really feel like it's watching the beginning of such a great sibling love.  I left you two downstairs when we were home alone one time not too long ago. Maddie was doing some tummy time (her fav) and you were watching one of your movies.  I told you I was going to run upstairs really quick to change the laundry and to watch Maddie for me.  I snuck up the stairs but then peeked back down for a minute or two to watch you guys (mainly to make sure you didn't like step on her or go get a(nother) cashew and stuff it in her mouth...).  What I saw just melted my heart.  You walked over to her, sat down, and started rubbing her sweet little head.  Very gently.  I mean - my heart exploded.  You are already taking care of your little sister.  She sure is lucky!

And then another one was when you were both sitting on my lap at dinner tonight.  Yes.  Don't ask.  Charlie, you seem to have a major mom crush these days and will eat half your meal in your seat and the other half you want to sit on my lap.  No clue - but if it will get you to eat, whatever it takes.  Well Maddie wasn't having life either and wanted her mom.  So there you were...both sitting on my lap at the table.  Maddie was straddling your back and kept grabbing your shirt and then your hair and you were laughing and saying "baby Addie - let go!".  It was innocent playfulness and I loved it.  I'm sure she won't be shy in just a few month grabbing a fistful of your beautiful locks - so you better watch out mister!!  But I am just so excited to see your relationship blossom.

Dancing and singing - you seriously might be a broadway star the way your life is looking now.  Maybe off-broadway, since you are a little off key and your dance moves - well, let's just say you are for sure my son.  But you are just the cutest and rock them in style.  You sing songs, you read books, you count to at least 15 and can sing the alphabet.  We are working on colors and recognizing letters and shapes, but you are getting there.  You love learning Spanish at school and have even picked up on my use of the Spanish language - you greet Toby every morning with "hola Toby" and I giggle lots and lots.

Pretty much - you have the attitude of an almost 2.5 year old boy that just had his world rocked with a new sibling and is testing his limits with his parents and the world - but you are my favorite little boy.  And we are so lucky to be your parents.  You teach us something new every day - often patience! - but it's been a fun journey so far and we cannot wait to keep on it with you.  To love you, give you the incessant amount of Toy Story bandaids you demand, teach you, kiss you, tell you "no more cookies" for the 47th time today and continue to answer all your questions - don't stop asking questions.  I love that you seem to love to learn - that is something I hope you carry with you forever.

So my 28 month old sweet boy - keep on doing what you do best.  Smiling and laughing each day and loving your friends, your family and yourself!

Love you!

Mom and Dad

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