Friday, December 12, 2014

Random five- it's Friday!!

Wahoo - almost the weekend.  We have a BUSY one ahead of us - but cannot wait to spend some time with the fam!


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Foot update.  Oh my.  

I got to see my stitches/wound on Tuesday.  It's big and long and bruised and gross. No wonder it's hurting so bad. Blah.  I'm impatient and ready to get my boot off and be dunzo with this.  


Pictures!! Miss Ali Moore is coming to Kansas City tonight to stay with us and take some family pictures and really some shots of miss Maddie since she's almost 6 months old!! I seriously cannot wait.  For so many reasons- pictures, friends and chunky babies!

I love their clothes so much and can't wait to see the pics in them!!


New art work!!!  Ok now that I'm in love with the new kitchen table...we are now for sure going with the green and turquoise color scheme and I love it.  We had these great pictures that my MIL bought for us at our old house that fit here just great.  But there is red in then so I'm trying to get rid of red...and guess what I found sitting in our basement?  Canvas paintings that Jimmy and I painted from a date night we had in our basement (which I apparently never blogged about- horrible me because Jimmy put so much work into that night and it was actually very fun!)!!!

Mine is on top left and Jimmy's is on the top right.  I think they are fun and the fact that we made them together makes it a great reminder on such a prominent wall in our house how important our time is together and marriage.

And I found this hilarious post from 2010 showing you Jimmy's long standing love of Bob Ross - which is the video that we watched to paint these and used his supplies!!  Seriously - I loved my blog and how simple life was back then!!!


Sickness is the name of the game at our house. Luckily it's not anything horrible yet and just one person but it's the worst person- sweet Maddie! She's got a wicked cold and is just so stiff up.  Poor thing!!  Kids in her class have RSV and bronchitis - so I'm praying she doesn't get either.  I might end up taking her to the doctor just in case though. Just a horrible yucky cough!!!

But girlfriend is getting better at holding her own bottle at school!!!

Sickness means everyone goes to bed early.  Which means there is PILES of laundry and a dirty dirty house.  Grossness.  Hoping maybe next week I will start to catch up?????


This is super random - but I love this.  I'm going to add these to our kitchen because I'm sick of our current "banana stand".  I have a cute little bowl to put the rest of our fruit in, but need something to hang our stash of bananas.  This is perfect and so awesome that it's built in!!

Check out the blog post on it here with some more details!!

I should have posted on Christmas decor, presents, getting ready for the season and all our traditions - but I didn't. Because I'm pooped and it's easier to just do random stuff - so enjoy!


  1. I always have so many comments for your posts! :) 1) Adorable photo outfits! Can't wait to see the end results! 2) I think you DID blog about the painting "date" in your basement! Not to be stalkerish or anything, but I remember reading it and thinking "What a fun idea!" and 3) That banana hook is awesome! Have a great weekend, blogger friend!

  2. Such cute outfits! And yes, cough - might run it by your dr...Ham had bronchiolitis and Nelle had RSV when she was sooo little. And I just took her in because she had a bit of a cough and luckily we caught it super early!