Monday, April 25, 2016

27 weeks baby baby

(here was my 25 week picture that I never posted - but it's funny how 2 weeks can make a difference! I'm definitely feeling bigger for sure!)

How Far Along?  27 weeks (as Sunday!)

Size of Baby: about the size of a yellow turnip or lettuce (14.4 in and 1.93lbs - whoa we are in pounds!)

Gender: It's a SURPRISE - lately I've been feeling boy a lot though.

Weight Gain: no clue - but I can tell you we are pushing the 20 lb mark for sure!

Nursery: Jimmy painted this last week!!!!!!!!!!  Oh and the furniture is moved out - just need to move the crib and glider in when the painting is officially done.  (thanks Jimmy!)

And WHITE! Yes, we have cream trim, but I think now that it's all white it looks great and I can totally make it work.  The room is so bright and I love it!  Now to actually order the fabric - ASAP!

Movement: Oh yes - the kicks are getting harder and for sure when I'm able to sit down and relax at night and feel the back kick I love it.  I try to get Charlie and Maddie to feel the baby kick, but they are a little impatient!

Symptoms: So all the amazing parts about pregnancy?  Yeah....of course there are the downsides, right?  As with every one of them for every person.  This time around I'm struggling with these varicose veins - yuck!  I even have gone so far to start wearing compression socks and feel like I'm 90 years old, but it's amazing how much better my legs feel.

Sleep:  Sleeping pretty good! I'm having super vivid dreams (like last week I dreamt it was my sister's wedding and I had never got the alterations down to my size - or size of my bump at the time - nor had I even thought about the maid of honor speech - AHHH!) and I wake up on my back all the time, which freaks me out and I immediately turn on my side.

Cravings: I just ate some rainbow sherbet and it was delicious.  It actually felt like some sort of relief for my disgusting heartburn.  Grrr!

What I Miss: Just putting on whatever I want to wear!

Best Moment This (these) Week(s): I have just loved spending time with our family these past few weeks.  There is something lately that I'm just loving about my kids and their ages and watching them play together and with Jimmy and I.  It's making me more and more excited to welcome this sweet baby into our family.

Panic Moment This Week: To be honest, I've been doing pretty good. Mainly just freaking out about all that has to come with work - per usual!

Looking Forward To:  I cannot wait to meet our niece or nephew that is soon to be coming within the next week or two!!!  Hillary is ready and they cannot wait to meet this sweet baby...just like the rest of the family too!  Another Carter cousin - bring it on!


  1. You look so good!! I swear I was a moose with #3! I LOVE the white on cream! What other colors are you doing?

  2. You look so cute...kinda makes me want a little baby bump again ;)
    I'm so glad you painted white with the cream trim/doors cause I've been debating the same thing and wasn't sure if it was ok?! Looks good from what I can tell...I'm excited to see how the rest of the nursery turns out!