Tuesday, April 26, 2016

My two littles

So here's the deal.  My kids RARELY dress up aka rarely do we put them in non shorts/t-shirts that they wear to day care.  They are usually in that or just...naked...well the rule is they have to wear underwear in the house and *usually* at least a shirt outside.  Because you, know, we have standards.  

So we have gotten them to get used to "dressing up" on Sunday mornings for church.  Charlie has accepted and almost embraced the fact that he wears jeans or nice shorts every week to church.  Thank goodness because seriously I hate fighting so much about clothes.  (I'm even excited to have an infant that doesn't protest everything I pick out!)

This past Sunday they actually kind of matched so gosh darnit...after church I asked them to take a picture.  My little miss was VERY excited to take a picture.  Her brother?  Not so much.  In complete transparency....I told him I would give him a moon pie (I picked them up on my trip to Nashville) if he came over and took pictures with Maddie.

About 20 pictures later (I only could fit 10 into my collage!!)...

 ...I got a keeper for sure.

As for these two?  They are keepers for sure.  We had a great weekend...busy for sure...but one thing is for sure.  These two are developing quite the relationship and I'm loving watching every minute of them.  A brother and sister relationship is something that neither Jimmy or I had growing up...so it's just amazing to watch them interact and love each other so much.  Seriously they make my heart feel things I never thought possible. 

And boy oh boy...I cannot wait for them to add more to this mix!


  1. Ahh love these pics! Especially that last one! That is so Brayden, always sticking his tongue out!! And we too rarely dress our kids in anything other than leggings/comfy pants and t-shirts! LOL

  2. Love the pics! Can see their spunky personalities in them.

  3. So sweet!!! We do the same thing on Sundays - our kids actually "dress up," and each Sunday I require a sibling photo (do I coordinate them each week?? It's very possible). And, bribing for good photos? Yep, totally happens here too.
    You came away with some precious shots! Those two are oh so adorable.

  4. Haha! The last picture is definitely a keeper! XOXO

  5. I love the candid photos best, the ones that aren't staged and perfect. Your little girl looks so much like you!