Sunday, April 10, 2016

6 years

Happiest of anniversaries to my wonderful husband, Jimmy!

Seriously - not sure how the time has passed so fast and life has changed so much - but yet my love for you has grown, changed, matured, etc. so much.  Becoming parents almost 4 years ago was definitely a game changer - but made me realize even more what a wonderful man you are and how lucky I am to have you in my life.  The one who always has my back, my best interest at heart, will always be there for a hug or an ear after a long day and of course- to wrestle with our children when they need to exert that energy they have.  

You're simply the best. And I'm so happy and lucky to call you mine.

I'm headed back from Nashville from a fun bachelorette party weekend and being with my sister (who is getting married in June) and all her friends (also recently married and many getting married), it took me back to all the emotions I had as our wedding day approached 6 years ago - and just how happy I am that we made that life long decision to be husband and wife and start our lives together when we did.  Life is just wonderful with you in - no matter the circumstances.

Love you Jam!


  1. Happy Anniversary. Isn't wild to think of all that has changed and happened to you and your relationship in 6 (short) years?

  2. Neither one of you look like you've aged one minute, let alone 6 years!!!