Monday, April 18, 2016

Oh the weekend - and some Jimmy birthday fun

Whew - April is BUSY for us!!  With my sister's shower that kicked off the month of April, then the bachelorette bash to Nashville and our 6th wedding anniversary - and this weekend was just as we spent time celebrating Jimmy's birthday!

Next weekend?  We are taking it easy and all looking forward to it.  But for now, I talk about all the fun we had this past weekend!

We kicked off Friday (after a BIG day at my work!) at the Legends T-Rex restaurant.  We made our first visit there last year for Jimmy's birthday mainly because we got $25 from the Landry's club we joined like forever ago when we were cool and kidless and went out to fancy dinner's.  Charlie literally has a CRAZY memory and at the beginning of April when I said it was dad's birthday ths month...he immediately asked if we were going to the dinosaur restaurant?  Haha - well we couldn't let him down.  

We had a good time and enjoyed the nice weather walking around, staring at the dinosaurs all around our table (and the huge fish tank we sat right by).  The best part in the kid's opinion?  The staff singing "Happy Birthday" to dad and of course - the cupcake!

And when I say the cupcake was enjoyed - seriously...Maddie.  This girl couldn't get enough and refused to use her hands.  Girlfriend cracks me up.

The next morning everyone was up bright and early - ready to go for the day.  And Maddie dressed herself (which I then had to change her), but she was ready to go for the day of fun!

I FINALLY made it to watch Charlie at soccer!  It was week 3, but Charlie didn't go last week because Jimmy was flying solo and it was SOOO cold so Jimmy didn't want to take Maddie out there too.  But he did great!  Slightly distracted (of course), but did awesome shooting and following directions.  Believe it or not, little sister was anxious to get out on the field and she's a pretty stellar dribbler for not even being 2!  

After soccer - papa surprised Maddie and Charlie with a doughnut picnic in the trunk of his car.  Oh man, these kids are spoiled by their grandparents for sure.  I guess that's a perk of all 4 of them living so close!!  But they LOVED the doughnut surprise (if you cannot tell) and we headed home all sticky and on a sugar high!

After soccer, we had some friends stop by for a playdate!  My good friend that I used to work with at Hallmark, Lindsay, brought her sweet little girl, Stella over. Stella just turned 2 in December and not kidding - she and Maddie are like TWINS!!  Except Stella has a much more robust vocabulary than Maddie ;)  But their curly hair has no denying that they look alike.  It was SO great to spend time with Stella and her mom - miss this friend so much and wish we still worked together so we got to catch up more often - once every quarter is not enough time at all!

After lunch and naps, we headed over to Jimmy's parents house to drop our kiddos off for a sleepover. It was fun getting to watch the kids ride their bikes around while my mother in law and I caught up.  Maddie - oh Maddie - Charlie let her inside the house while the rest of us were outside for about 2 minutes - and that girl found the markers and drew ALL over her legs.  I swear.

What to do with no kids?!?!  Birthday celebration of course!  Jimmy and I enjoyed getting ready for a night out without the little ones hanging off our limbs and then we went to Gaslight Grill in OP to eat some delicious dinner and listen to some jazz.  Very "32" of you, Jimmy.  Dave (one of Jimmy's best friends) almost has the same birthday as Jimmy (and same year), so it's fun to always have someone else to celebrate your birthday with (just glad Dave didn't have as much fun Saturday night as he did at their joint 30th birthday party when he had to get carried out! haha!)

I did a horrible job at documenting the night in pictures, but it was because I was having so much fun chatting with Abby and Hillary (my SIL that is due with her first little babe in less than 2 weeks!) during dinner and then one of Jimmy's other brothers, Pat, and his wife, Trish, met us after their dinner for some {free} dessert...complete with a candle even.

I also had to get a pic (which the lighting was HORRIBLE) of Hillary and I with our bumps and our mocktails that the bartender made for us without even asking.  Just lots of fruit juice, but it was fun to carry a fancy glass with her.  Seriously so excited for these cousins!!!

My only requirement??!   I told Jimmy we needed to be home by 11 and he told me no problem...he didn't break his word on that.  It was amazing to get a good night of sleep and not get woken up one morning by our kids. Except of course we missed them so much!

When we woke up I had an alert from facebook of this picture from 10 years ago on the morning of Jimmy's birthday.  I found it hilarious that we were laying in bed that morning and I was wearing a Royals shirt and (of course) Jimmy was shirtless - just like the I made him take a selfie.  I told him I wouldn't post it, but it was just too fun.  Love that I got to celebrate 10 birthdays with this guy.  Life only gets better with him - but it's amazing to think all the fun and change we have been through in the last 10 years for sure!

We went to breakfast at our favorite spot, Eggtc. and then got our kiddos.  Supposedly they had a GREAT night (which is awesome!) and seriously, spoiled, Pops came back from church with more doughnuts.  Their grandparents love them so much!  We are thankful that they have a fun place to go for a sleepover too!!!!  Thanks Grana and Pops!

After some fun in the backyard with serious belly going on....

we put the kids down for a nap, I ran some errands and then my parents came over as we headed downtown KC to meet up with some friends to celebrate Chris' birthday.  How funny is it that Vanessa, Emily and I's husbands all have birthdays within a week of each other....all one year apart!  

Vanessa organized a surprise get together at the awesome Breakout KC.  We had a blast (I was super nervous!) with our team.  We didn't end up breaking out but ALMOST got there.  Apparently we had the hardest room there, quoting only a 19% success rate, but it was fun to work together with the people and seriously get so close to breaking out.  The other group did break out!!  It was a fun time and hopefully Chris was surprised!

While eveyone else stayed for some pizza and beer, Jimmy and I headed home for his birthday dinner with our kiddos (and my parents).  His mom gave him an awesome birthday present - her homemade enchilada's, so he requested we eat those and they didn't disappoint!  I had gone earlier and picked up Jimmy's only cake love - the bundlets from Nothing Bundt Cake.  I got three yummy flavors - lemon, red velvet and the flavor of the month, peanut butter chocolate chip.  If you cannot tell from these pictures, our kids were SOOOOOOOOO excited.  I mean my mom took all these pictures and I was dying at how our kids look different in every single one of them even though they are seconds apart.

After dinner?  The kiddos built a tent with Jimmy and then Maddie sat on his head and Charlie tooted near his face - because you know, that's just how you tell your dad you love him more than anything, right?  I swear these kids!

Needless to say we had a blast and Jimmy and I literally went to bed at 8PM on Sunday night after another amazing fun weekend with perfect weather.  Cannot believe that next year we will have an 8 month old when we are celebrating Jimmy's 33rd birthday!  AH!!!

Love you Jimbo and hope you had a great birthday weekend!


  1. Holy smokes, you packed in so much over the weekend.
    My in-laws live out by legends, and we have yet to go to T-Rex!
    A kidless evening? What is that like?! ;)
    I saw the Breakout KC photo on Sarah and Vanessa's IGs. SO FUN!! My sister-in-law did that and said it was a blast!!
    And Eggtc. is one of our regular breakfast spots when we're in town. SO GOOD!

    1. You need to go to T-Rex for sure. The food is SOOO expensive (the only other one is in Orlando), but our kids love it. Well - Maddie was slightly terrified of the dinos haha. But once a year is just perfect for us :) And Breakout KC was very fun!! I still wish we would've broken out.

      Eggtc. = amazing!!! Seriously, would love to get together when you are in KC next time!

  2. What a weekend, you crazy kids! Glad we got to see you on multiple occasions! Too bad we didn't break out. :(

    1. I'm planning another trip there because I'm dying to break out! Especially now that I actually get it :) haha! Loved seeing you and glad Holden had a good bday weekend!

  3. I'm dying to try one of these breakout places!! Please invite me next time!! ;)

    1. Oh my gosh - I can totally see this as something you would love! You're so adventurous from all your fun posts!!!