Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Our crazy busy fun weekend

We had a crazy but awesome weekend filled with celebrations and lots of fun!!!

In addition to the fun bridal shower that I helped throw for my sister (which I set up for on Friday night and then we spent all Saturday morning there), Charlie started up his second season of soccer with the local Parks and Rec early Saturday morning.  He was SUPER excited (might have been because he got new cleats and shin guards!), but unfortunately he was not super into the whole thing per Jimmy.  Charlie takes a lot of time to warm up to new things and there were so many kids there, so maybe in the next few weeks?  We shall see.

But after soccer!?  Maddie hung out with her Papa and Jimmy and Charlie headed over to Jack's 4th birthday party - that was super hero themed.  What a fun idea for a party!  Seriously, the minute Charlie saw the invitation come in the mail and it said that you got to wear your favorite super hero costume...he couldn't WAIT to go!!!  Especially because he seriously wears the Batman costume that Jimmy got for him off of Amazon warehouse like the minute he gets home until we make him take it off.

I was sad to have missed the celebration, but I was getting pictures of these three from their mama's and Jimmy and was dying.  Seriously - these three.  Nothing could be any sweeter than seeing these three together after so many years of friendship with their mom's :)

After the party and the shower, we all napped and it felt so good.  And then Maddie and Charlie played with balloons from the shower for like ever.  Cheap entertainment I guess!

Even though I literally could barely walk (thanks awesome veins and potential sciatic nerve issues....), I wasn't about to cancel our Saturday night plans.  One of my coworkers had invited us to join them in a suite at the Sporting KC we couldn't say no to that!  I have only been to one other game and I tell you what, this is the way to go to a game! Ha!  Food, drinks, awesome seats!

AND - my dad now works the Sporting games now that he's retired and I got to go see him - and he was working security at the game - which cracked me up!  

But it seemed to work out because with our suite tickets, we got down in the awesome part of the Sporting park where there was another free bar, lots of people, the press and then all the players, coaches and owners.  It was awesome!

The next day, we headed to church in our Royals gear and then off to Home Depot...with pretty much everyone else in Kansas City because it was SUCH a nice day.  We picked up some paint for the nursery (finally!) after Jimmy's brother was nice enough to come over Saturday and help move all the guest room furniture into the basement to make way for this babe!

I had to head to work during their naps (had some work to finish up for Monday morning) and when they got up, they headed to my parents house.  Where I was getting all these adorable pictures and videos of all the fun they were having enjoying the most beautiful day in KC!

My mom painted Maddie's toenails and stuck some lipstick on her!

And my dad set up an awesome racetrack on the basketball court in their backyard and seriously, he loved it so much!

Sunday night?  The game was on and we literally put the kids to bed and passed out in our bed.  I'm not kidding when I say within 5 seconds of laying down (even with the game on), he was passed out.
It was a fun but exhausting weekend with our family - can't get enough of these crazies!

Hope you had a great weekend too!


  1. Your weekend sounds super fun! Well except for your pain, I'm sorry! That suite looks amazing!! I've never sat in a suite at a game but I'm sure it's an experience! Maddie with her toes and lips, sooo cute!

  2. That picture of your dad cracks me up! I bet he's a great security guard!!

  3. I just want to squeeze Maddie's little face and then cover it with kisses. I love a baby (err.. toddler!) with a full face!