Friday, April 22, 2016

Five things I'm loving right now

Life.  Whew life.  Work is crazy, Jimmy was traveling this week so playing solo mom at like 7 months pregnant was completely exhausting....but seriously, just life.  There is a lot to be thankful for isn't there?  Healthy kids, great husband, great job, great friends...and the list could go on.

This week, changing it up and highlighting five things I'm loving these last few weeks!


Seriously love my Swell water bottle that my sister got me for Christmas.  I literally carry it with me everywhere and love it so much.  I love that it doesn't leak, it stays SO cold (I love me some cold water).  So when I saw that Target now has their own line with FUN patterns - I about died!  I love them all and want them all :)  Especially this wiener dog one! Haha!

And I'm a fan of the lemon one - as lemon water is my favorite!


I love these maternity t-shirts from Old Navy.  I bought the yellow one last weekend and love the fit of it.  What else did I like?  I liked how the sleeves were a little longer.  I feel like all the maternity t-shirts I have leftover from my last 2 pregnancies are all kind of like cap sleeves and show off my arms a little too much.  While my goal is to have awesome arms to go with my sister's strapless bridesmaid dress (because if I have my huge baby bump - gotta show off some guns right?), I feel more comfortable with a little longer.

So I got a few more - summertime maternity style between $8-11 never looked so good :)  Cheers to my first maternity clothes purchase of this pregnancy.  And I'm guessing the last! That's what a third pregnancy will do to you I guess!


SUMMER is just around the corner.

You know what we love to eat during the summer?  Caprese everything and anything.

And you know what would be awesome?  I would love to grow my own basil and other herbs.  Make it a fun project with Charlie and Maddie.  I have no idea how/where/what to start of course, I started with Pinterest.  Here are some ideas I really liked from this Country Living article.

I LOVE this stacked planter (tutorial here).  I think it would be (a) easy to plant and (b) easy to maintain!

And this tiered planter (by the way - the blog that has this tutorial?  I love it and read it so long ago!!!  Doesn't look like she posts anymore - but loved her!)?  This is like my dream - however, I think this might be aiming high the first year (since last year I killed all the herbs I attempted to plant) pregnant and all.  So maybe next year if I prove I have somewhat of a greenish thumb?  Or really just don't kill everything like last year.

But the easiest (and cutest!) way to start might be these adorable mason jars!  However...I am uncertain how these would grow.  Considering I kill everything...but seriously so cute.


Let me change gears COMPLETELY and talk about food.

Do you love Quik Trip like I do?  I mean I love it so much.

(PS download the app - free stuff all the time!)

And guess what?  This month is pretzel month there and the pretzels are only $1.99 (versus $2.99).  So do yourself a favor and pick up one or two.  My normal go-to is the regular old pretzel with salt and butter with cheese sauce (oh and don't look at the calories...just don't).  But they have tons of other flavors like Parmesan or one with cinnamon sugar.  So try them all because why not? (or something else on their Made Fresh to Order menu)

I had about had it with the week and it was only Wednesday - so when I picked the kids up later than I usually do- instead of cooking dinner, we headed to pick some up from Quik Trip.  Who doesn't look pretzels and yogurt for dinner?  #coolmomstatus (right?)

(And #horriblelighting)


And finally?  I was going to talk about something else, but completely forgot and of course didn't write it down.  So what is a post without talking about some fun we had this week?

We went on a few long bike rides/walks this week while Jimmy was gone and had a blast.  These kids.  Maddie loved her shades so much and Charlie can't stop talking about hoe he can't wait to have "pedals" for his birthday when he turns 4 (versus his strider bike that he rocks). 

So we laughed and walked and rode bikes.  And of course...found worms along the way.

And I fell in love with the KC weather and my kids and being a mom all over again. 

 Just what I needed this week.  Just what I needed.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. I need to check out those water bottles! I'm in need of a new one for sure. Those are some adorable ways to grow herbs!! I want to do something cute this year for herbs too, we'll see if it happens though LOL. What a fun week and cheers to warmer weather!

    1. Seriously the water bottles are the best!!!! Hope you guys have a great weekend!!

  2. Cutest water bottles ever! I'm going to have to look for those in our Target!
    QuickTrip! We miss those something fierce. California doesn't have any - at least not in LA!
    Have a great weekend!!

    1. Thanks lady and oh man I would miss QT so much!!!! Hope you guys have a great weekend too!! And random- but did you make your blog private? I swear I was just looking at it yesterday and today I'm getting a notice that I need permission!!

  3. I've seen those water bottles at Target and thought the designs were so cute but now that I know more about them, I'm dying to have one. I love the idea of having cold water on hand because I'm sort of a water snob it if's not cold.