Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Nashville bachelorette bash!

So remember the awesome shower we had to celebrate my sister? Well this past weekend me and eight of her friends headed to Nashville to celebrate a weekend with her and her friend (and bridesmaid), Jamie, that is getting married just a week before her.  

Their mutual bridesmaid, Diana, did such a fabulous job of planning this trip- seriously so much easier said than done coordinating 10 people and having a set (but also flexible) agenda. She rocked the whole thing and everyone had such a great time- most importantly the brides-to-be did!!!

We left bright and early on Friday morning and all got into Nashville around 9:00 and headed to the most adorable house in East Nashville that we were renting for the weekend.  Seriously it was adorable on the outside but the inside was even better- all updated with the perfect amount of space and beds and amazing finishes all over. We couldn't stop talking about how cute it was all weekend!

Diana and another bridesmaid, Alyssa, brought the cutest goodies for everyone! Alyssa made the wine glasses and Diana brought some cute nail polish and hair ties!

Then the cute banners that we put up all over (but not in the walls per the house instructions!!  Don't want to not get that security deposit back!)

We were all starving from the early morning flight and headed to a nearby awesome place called Pharmacy. We had heard that the lines start early so we got there right around 11 and got seated right away. What a great group of girls!!

They had root beer on draft even and since I knew this would be my only chance to have anything on draft all weekend- I went for it.  It was good!

The food? Omg so freaking good. I got one of their famous burgers called the Mission burger and it had guac, black beans and cheese with pico de gallo too. The tater tots were phenomenal as well!

After lunch we did some exploring around the Five Points area. It was a LOT chillier than we all anticipated, but we popped in and out of shops to keep warm.  It wasn't bad in the sun and when the wind died down!

And when we pass a sign like this on your walk- you make the bachelorettes pose for a picture!!!

True Nashville with the music shops on every corner!

After a trip to the grocery store (and a super long uber wait), we headed back to nap and get ready for the night.  Dinner reservations were at 6 over by Vanderbilt and Belmont at a place called Cabana.  It did not disappoint either! We had a little private area where we could close the curtains and blast our choice of music even.  

Cheers with sangria to the bachelorettes! 

More food pics please? Ha! I got the special which was a seafood pasta and it was awesome and not too heavy which was just what I was hoping for!


And when they have an awesome sounding dessert pizza- you split it with your sister and make everyone else eat some too.

We headed from there to Broadway to a bar called Honky Tonk Central with three floors and a different band playing on each floor.  We kept moving floors and checking out the bands- but our favorite was the third floor a group called the Dugger Band. Two brothers that were awesome.

We even got in their Instagram photo!

Selfies with the bachelorettes!

My gorgeous sister! Can't wait to see her walk down the aisle to Casey!!!!

After a little bit it was decided it was time to move on.  (Oh and the fact that for some reason people in that bar couldn't stop staring at my bump- appalled that I would even be in that bar.  I'm sorry- not drinking!!!).  A friend from college that is friends with a bunch of my friend's now husbands was actually in town at the same time for his bachelor party- so I convinced the girls to head to Rippy's because they were there and said it was fun!

So double bonus that we got more live music AND I got to see these guys! So happy for you, Gammill!!!  He's getting married in May!

(Taylor, me and Gammill!)

Downstairs, I got a group shot of all the girls under 30 (which in case you were wondering...was everyone except me!).

I was ready to call it a night about 11:30 because it was a super early morning and to be honest my veins were killing me from so much standing. My sister, Sarah and I headed back and the rest of the girls got back about 12:30, so a somewhat early night for everyone because we had a busy Saturday planned!!

Up "early" on Saturday to make some breakfast and head back downtown to do the Sip n Cycle from 10-12.  It was COLD people! Like we had looked at the weather and temps before but holy moly that wind was a complete killer!!!  

We didn't let that stop us though. Those girls had all their alcohol ready to go and were ready to pedal around Nashville (while I sat there and watched them pedal #pregnantladyperks).

The hosts/tour guide people were so awesome and made the ride so fun!  Our first stop was a bar in midtown called Losers.  While we were the only ones there, it was great to not fight any crowds!!!

I made her take a picture with me where the band plays at night!

Next they took us to music row and we sat outside (freezing) playing a game before we went into two bits.  They had mimosas on special until noon as well as bloody Mary's.  These girls toasted with their drinks...


...while I couldn't pass up a Virgin cocktail!  (despite the obvious stares and judging and even one person straight up asking me if there was alcohol in it - HELLO!?!?).  It was seriously such a fun morning - and THANKS to my mom for being awesome and giving Diana money to pay for the whole thing - how awesome and nice.  It was definitely a treat!

After that we had a TERRIBLE lunch experience at a place called Blackstone brewery right by Midtown - like might have been the worst service ever and not so good food.  Was a buzz kill for everyone else, so then we headed home and every napped (after a LONG lunch lasting until like 2:30)...until about 6PM those naps lasted.  I wasn't complaining about that part at all!

After everyone got up, we finally got around to ordering some pizza at 7 - but then it didn't end up being ready until almost 9!  Seriously!  We were having major food issues on Saturday.  But it was good and everyone got fed and then we started the presents for these lovely ladies!

They got some great things to enjoy on their honeymoon (and maybe after if their future husbands are lucky!) and we played a fun game of wedding/honeymoon scattegories.  Diana is seriously the best host - did I mention that???

And because for real my sister and I have no pictures together - we got another one!

So at about 11:30 (yes you read that right for all you *old* people out there), we headed back to Losers...then made our way to RBar...where even the 27 year olds felt old (lots of college kids).  So to make them feel young again they too jello shots!  HA!

Then it was decided they would head back to Broadway/Downtown and enjoy the live music there.  And at that point, I called it a night for my pregnant self, got a Lyft for myself with the sweetest driver ever, put on my pajamas and watched "Must Love Dogs" on Netflix, in honor of Jimmy and my 6th anniversary the following day (I took this picture for him when I was wishing him an early happy anniversary at around 1:30AM!).

But don't worry - these girls still had a blast!  They got home around 3:30 maybe?  Sheesh!  So much fun out in Nashville!!

Sunday we all rolled out of bed (I slept until 9am- unbelievable!!) and went to brunch at MaDonnas which was just a walk away and it was delicious.  Three of us were headed out on the 4:10 flight so we packed up and said our goodbyes while the others had a fun day planned and decided to go visit Vanderbilt.  And guess what they found??  The Pi phi of course!!!

We had a decent flight back - besides for the guy behind us puking on take off AND landing.  Take off we were not expecting anything so the smell almost did the three of us in- thank goodness southwest got some spray!! 

I got to see my sweet babies right when I landed and was so excited. Luckily I picked them up a treat at the airport because you better believe that was the first thing Charlie asked for! We went to our anniversary dinner at chipotle (so romantic I know!) and then went home to get the kiddos to sleep.

In the meantime, what were they up to back in KC all weekend? Well, my husband is pretty much the best (yes, I'm bragging) because he doesn't bat an eye when I'm not around for the most part.  It was FREEZING so he didn't take Charlie to soccer and braved IKEA with 2 kids instead - so I was getting these types of pictures on Saturday and laughing!

But they did buy a new and awesome umbrella and stand for our backyard (our old one recently bent in the wind!)

My parents came over on Saturday night and I was getting these cute pictures from my mom!

So yes, it was just a fantastic weekend celebrating with these girls.  #foreveraburden and #marrillymull were their hashtags and they used them well.  I even was convinced to download snapchat because that is what they all use - however, I have NO idea how to use it.  Not at all and I think they all got sick of me asking.

I'm so glad my sister invited me and wanted me to go along.  It was fun to hang out with everyone pre-wedding day and makes me look forward to all the fun we are going to have celebrating them even more than I already was on June 4!!

And for Nashville?  TOTALLY would recommend a girl's trip there - so much fun stuff to do.  Just would be nice if you're not pregnant :)  SO I'll plan better next time for sure!!


  1. Wow what a fun weekend! That's good you went and still had fun even though you were surrounded by drinks all weekend, that probably would have made me cranky, LOL. And staying out til 1:30 on Saturday, go you! That sucks that guy was puking on the flight home, yuck!! And your hubby sure does sound great, brag away!! I love knowing I can leave my kids if needed and my hubs has it all under control too :)

  2. The reception is held in the main hall. The NYC wedding venues were gorgeous and perfect for a wedding. I have been to several weddings here but it hasn't gotten old. The place is absolutely beautiful and the views are breathtaking.