Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Mikey at TWO months!

Two months come and gone- time is FLYING!!!

Length: 24 in (88%)
Weight: 13 lbs 4oz (71%)
Head: 15.75 in (76%)

This sweet boy is getting so much bigger and more interactive.  I'm just absolutely loving his expressions and smile and laugh.  The end of our one on one time together is growing quickly to an end, which does make me really sad, but I know he will love his time with Miss Marie and when I get home from work, he will be sooo excited to see me.  The feeling will be mutual :)

Look at him grow!!!

  • SMILING!!! Huge and super fun milestone
  • Also rocking tummy time and that strong head skills. I love that because game changing milestone is plopping a baby on your hip- so go Mikey go!!!
  • I always get sooo nervous talking about sleep because I feel like bragging about it totally jinxes it and I just can't have that.  Let's just say- Mikey is one amazing sleeper and I do not take this for granted because my other two kids- nope.  Most nights down between 7 and 8 and up to eat around 4 or 5am. I know that will not stick (sickness, growth spurts, teeth) - so I'll take it while I can get it. Let's just pray he doesn't flip a switch when I go back to work and need that sleep!!
  • Still in your crib with the Dock a tot in there at a slight incline.  Once you start rolling in a few months, I'll take that out, but for now I love it!
  • Rocking 3 month and 0-3 month clothes quite well. It's fun to pull out Charlie's old clothes and put you in them!
  • Wore size 1 diapers all month but we are getting close to moving to size 2 because 1 is getting a little tight
  • Your hair is growing back on top- yeah! But not sure if it's red! 
  • You still get one bottle at night before I nurse you (about 1 oz) mixed with Gerber Soothe (per pediatrician recommendation because it has probiotic + vitamin D).  But you have had to take a bottle a full times and you rock it- THANK GOD!
  • Lots of "talking" and noise making too- loud baby, but you make yourself known!!

Things you like:
  • Eating. Eat every 2 hours during the day still from me.  I can for sure tell when you are going through growth spurts and not!
  • Still love being held but getting better at chilling in the rocker too- which is nice for some things I need to do that require both hands!
  • You love outward facing in the bjorn with dad and in the ergo with me!
  • Your siblings are obsessed.  You get slightly terrified- rightfully so. 
  • Pacifier still!
  • You like the playmat better and staring at the tv (oops!).  
  • Papa can ALWAYS make you smile which is so sweet 
  • Bath, a drive or walk (in car seat) are definitely things that will help calm you down!
Things you don't like:
  • Gas still!! Getting better at burping faster but you toot all the time!!!
  • Being hungry or when you get impatient and no one is paying attention to you- sorry babe, we are trying our best!
  • 5-7pm have not been your favorite hours either, which makes for interesting evenings! They said that is the peak fussy time for 6-8 weeks so hopefully that will stop now!

Special memories:
  • Busy second month of life!!! First college football game and first Royal's baseball game.  Old settlers day fun and your first LONG road trip to Iowa!!!  I'm so glad you have a laid back personality because kid, your life isn't going glad slow down anytime soon!
  • First time of mom playing solo mom while dad went on a 5 day business trip.  It was CRAZY but so thankful for the help of our family's!!!
  • We did attempt at least one lunch out as a whole family (maybe 2?), but you do great as long as you are fed and changed- so cheers to that!
  • You get to watch mom work out every day - there have been somedays where you are not so happy about it, others day you sleep right through it and sometimes you wake up and just stare at me and the screen!
  • We do less during the day which is nice- as mom is attempting to not spend #allthemoney during weekday Target trips! 
  • One trip to the urgent care this month- don't worry, it was nothing- but in going there found out my work had not actually correctly added to my insurance. AHHH. So glad we figured that out and got it fixed!!!
  • Still had some great visits from family and friends and loving that!!
  • The highlight of month 2 is for sure meeting Great Grandma.  What a treat and something I know I will hold dear to my heart and she will too!

A note to our sweet boy:

Mike are so great.  I'm so thankful that you are YOU.  You are so handsome and adorable and your sweet gummy smile just melts my heart.  I love how much we all love you.  Maddie still screams BABY MIKEY when we go to pick her up everyday (like she still can't believe you are there! Ha!).  Charlie wants to hold you and kiss you all the time and pouts when he doesn't get to kiss you good night.  Your dad loves you a lot too- but you are for sure a mama's big. Which I love- but I know soon enough you'll be wrestling with him!!!!

We are so blessed to have you in our lives and our family and here's to a new month and new fun and milestones!!!

Your mom (and dad)


Just for fun - here is Charlie and Maddie's one month side by side picture.

They all look different to me, but are all so cute (mom biased!).


By the way- I love the light in Mikey's room, but these photo shoots with just me and a kid that can almost hold his head up aren't easy! Lol! At least he's a good sport!

Month two is in the books and so thankful for his easy going personality, love of sleep and eating and completely adorableness!!!!

PS I have YET to post his newborn pictures OR his birth story.  In the works because I will forget all the details soon enough!


  1. That bear cracks me up! I can't believe it's been 2 months already! Time is flying!

  2. What a cutie! Love that the bear is in the pics for all three of the kids as babies.