Tuesday, March 9, 2010

China cabinets aren't just for grandma's

At the kitchen themed shower, we got our first set of everyday dishes. And I was so excited!! I love dishes (a lot) and they are just so awesome...so it was so much fun! Except when I took them out of the present bag and wondered where I would put all these new dishes? It is quite the challenge to find new homes for all the shower gifts. I never knew!

In comes my brilliant idea: we need a china cabinet. Otherwise, where is all this nice stuff and dishes going to go after we get them? Certainly not in a box in the basement. In comes craigslist . I did look at new china cabinets- and immediately stopped because of the price- wow! So I started hunting around and searching different terms: buffet, buffet with hutch, dining room set, and finally china cabinet. That's when I found it. The perfect one! Even better, they were listed as living in Prairie Village and it was only $250. Um, hello!! So immediately email it to Jimmy and ask him to call and see if it's still available. He does and it is! Too easy, right? Yes!

We go to check it out on Saturday morning after breakfast and some errands and it turns out a nice older woman was selling it because there wasn't room in her house anymore. She was excited to sell it to us as we are getting married and wanting to store our new china in it- she said she and her husband kept their china in there for years! And there you have it. The sale was made. We walked out with the bottom portion and put it into the Jimmy's SUV, along with the all the glass. I cut the crap out of my hands because that glass was so sharp!!! But it was worth it. Then Bobby was kind enough to lend us his truck for a few minutes (gotta love that we are neighbors with his brother!!) and there you have it: our very first china cabinet. Snug in it's new home in our dining room. The fun part is that it matches our table pretty well also!!

The really fun part is....we got our first set of china in the mail the other day as an early wedding present from Nic and Jill!! Thanks guys :) We're sad you can't make it to the big day---but LOVE the china!!! It looks great in it's new home :)

Wahoo! So now we have some storage and nice display! I never thought I would be lusting after a china cabinet when I'm 24 years old, but I love it and smile every time it catches my eye!!


  1. Love it, and LOVE your china.
    The house looks so put together- I really enjoy reading about all your projects! Such a grown-up:)

  2. It looks so great in your house! What a grown up purchase. :) And what a steal!

  3. Congrats on the steal! I can't WAIT to buy a house.

  4. My sister and I had an arguement about who gets our Mom's China Cabinet...