Monday, March 29, 2010

You know your wedding day is close when.....

- The new gallon of milk you buy expires AFTER your wedding day

- You wake up on Monday morning and you say "well, this is the last full week of work before we are married!"

- You post your weekly reports to the website....with an expiration date of your "wedding week" AH

- Everyone looks at you and just smiles and says "Your wedding day is so close....." (oh believe me, I'm aware)

- Your super cute future nieces and nephews ask you 15 times if they can "practice" walking down the aisle and don't stop until you do it....3 or 4 times with them (hey, they are just as excited!)

- Your 17 to-do lists are now widdled down to 2, with the other 15 completed, crossed off, and in the trash (and every time you throw one away you do this little basketball toss and then happy dance)

- All those things that you said "oh I'll do that when it's gets closer" have to happen now

- The boxes to send the reception are packed and your counting down the minutes until you hand all that to your wedding planners and you don't have to think about it

- You have nightmares that your dress will go missing....every night

- You finally broke down and bought 2 swimsuits for your honeymoon, because well, that's coming too!!!

- You realize that you need to start communicating with the wedding party, because, yes they probably need to know the schedule too :)

- You are thankful because not only will all this stress be over in 2 weeks, but you will soon be married to the love of your life, sitting on a beach in Mexico and excited to get back home and just be married...after all the work and planning and stressing...pure bliss is on the other side!!!


  1. I was just thinking about you this morning, being one of those creepy people saying your wedding is soooo close. Can't wait!

  2. YAY!!! Adam and I are trying to figure out everything for your wedding (Tyson,etc) and he was like... wait... is that two weeks from this past Sat? I was like no! Wait... OMG, yes! Anyways, so excited for you. Get prepared for the best day ever. So much fun.

  3. Ahh, I can't wait to get to this point!! Especially the knowing we'll be married and sitting on a beach together in Mexico part! :)