Monday, March 29, 2010

Losing that wedding weight

No, not me. Haha. However, Jimmy and I have been working out, that's not what this post is about :) This post is about Willy Carter. The fat wiener dog. Well, the trying-to-get-skinny wiener dog is what we'll call him now.

As the avid readers know, we were up in the air about Willy's attire for our big day. We even did a post to see what people would prefer. Check it out, if you missed the pictures. Pretty funny if I may say so myself!

Anyways, Jimmy has ordered THREE, yes THREE tuxedos at this point and with under 2 weeks to go until the wedding....we were hoping this last one would be a winner and fit just right. He first ordered a extra small. That was WAY too small. But apparently Willy has an 11 in neck, which was why Jimmy thought that would fit. So then he went with a medium, just to be safe. WAY too big. So guess what, now Toby has a matching tux and it fits great :) Well today was the day folks...Willy's tux arrived. And here is what it looks like. Um, can you say adorable. The hat was a little flimsy, but we'll make it work. And I'm not going to lie, he probably wouldn't keep it on anyways.

It fits!! Yeah!! Except the little velcro belt that is supposed to secure it on his body does not. Haha. We are walking everyday now that it's been nice and trying hard to get Willy down to a proper size weight for the wedding. This was him after our first walk. He was a little tired. However, we're building up everyday and going a little farther, so hopefully he can eventually walk all the way to the shops at Corinth and then maybe pick up a treat at Land of Paws. YUM. Yes, I bribe my dog.

Now we are just anxiously awaiting the arrival of Milly's wedding dress and the family is all ready to go for the big day :)


  1. That is SO cute! So I replied to your comment on my post on my blog, but then I figured you probably wouldn't see it, so I'll copy and paste it here:

    I think we're getting our ring bearer's outfit at Burlington! They have such cute dress clothes for kids! I'll also have a 2 month old niece and 1 month old nephew at the wedding, so we're going to make them the honorary flower girl and ring bearer in addition to our other 2 flower girls and ring bearer (mainly so I can buy them cute coordinating outfits!)

    And no problem about posting the tutorial! Hope it turns out fantastic! If it doesn't work out, I'd be more than happy to make one for you and ship it tomorrow or Wednesday - I live in Lawrence so it would probably be there within a couple days!

  2. Hahahahhaa.... Sooooo cute. Adam and I have been talking about adding a second fur-child to the mix. We will see...