Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Oh my, over a week!!!

I cannot remember the last time it has been over a week since I put up a blog post. So sorry if you have been checking this and then getting angry because I didn't post anything (the only reason I say this is because I love when my friends update their blogs and when I check them daily and there is not update, I always get a little let down). Needless to say, life has been BUSY and jam packed the last week or so. Here is a run down of the fun stuff that has been going on:

Monday, March 8: Meet with wedding planners @ Aquinas. Have a complete breakdown that night with the enormous to-do list that I leave with. I cannot believe we are getting married in almost one month.
Tuesday, March 9: I kick my butt into gear. With an extensive to-do list, I make my action plan. When to get what, how I will make this, when I will make this, etc. I feel much better. Knock out some to-dos by ordering bridesmaid presents and finishing table names. Get our toasting glasses engraved and pick up some napkins.
Wednesday, March 10: Pick up the guest book from Michaels (aka signature picture frame), buy some stuff for bridesmaid presents, stamp 400 cocktail napkins with our "Brittany & Jimmy Carter stamp". Yes, that was fun. But let me tell you, they turned out good :)

Thursday, March 11: Meet with our priest in the morning before work to talk last minute ceremony details and get the program order confirmed. Get half way done with the bridesmaid project.
Friday - Sunday (March 12-14): put a halt to all wedding related projects/to-dos and go to St. Louis where Mrs. Vanessa Calcara was kind enough to host my bachelorette party at her home! It was small (so sorry everyone couldn't have been invited to come!!!), but it was very fun to have a girls weekend and get a nice break. Thanks to all of my bridesmaids for such a wonderful weekend....and especially to those that traveled very far to come and celebrate- Erica and my aunt Susan!! I will post a more detailed and funny post on that hopefully tonight. Too much fun and too many stories to try to build in here....
Monday, March 15: Met with the DJ at Aquinas. Fell in love with his company and his expertise all over again. From offering up the fabulous idea to put awesome lights shining up on all the pillars for a great, unbelievable price, to having a projector and screen available to bring in for Jimmy's video....AND offering to throw in some music to it, and finally the fact that when he walked out the door I felt so happy that we hired him and can't wait for him to be a part of our day and celebration! WHEW. Overall, had a great time meeting with him! And then we printed off all the remaining paper goods: Programs, menus, table name cards, and favor tags. All that is left are the name cards which we cannot print off until we get our final guest list (still waiting for a few RSVPs--so if you haven't sent them in, please do!!) and then the sundae bar tags. Then we had a fabulous dinner at my parents house with my mom, Andrew and Lyndsay, and Jimmy and I. So fun!
Tuesday, March 16: Headed to the alterations place right after work for my final fitting. So glad my sister got to see my dress! My mom had picked up my veil earlier that day, so the outfit was complete. Looked great and I was ready to walk down the aisle right then :) Then we headed over to A Shear Thing for my hair trial and Lacie did a fabulous job! I can't wait to get my hair done the day of! Grabbed a fast dinner at good old TGI Fridays (haven't been there in a LONG time) with my mom and sister and then headed home to finish up the bridesmaid presents before bed!
Wednesday, March 17: Here we are, St. Paddy's day. However, I won't be partaking in celebrations today....I will be headed to the Restaurant Depot with Jimmy's aunt, mom and grandma right after work to pick up the last minute ingredients for the spinach and artichoke dip appetizers his aunt will be making and picking out all the sundae bar toppings! YUM. Then it's home to start putting the programs together.
Thursday, March 18: who knows, I hope I get to work out though and then hopefully dinner with some Pi Phi friends!

Anyways, not that you care what I've been doing, but I feel like such a break from my normal posting deserved a bit of an explanation. In my math brain, the last week has been:

Wedding > Blog posts

However, hopefully this week and next week will be back to regularly scheduled programming...

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  1. Oh my!!! busy, busy, busy. I think it was about this point that I got mad at Adam for not talking me into a beach wedding because I was bogged down with wedding stuff galore.