Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Showered with "Carter" love!

Ok so in addition to the big trip to Manhattan 2 weeks ago (documented by ridiculous pictures) was the Carter family shower- hosted by 3 of my wonderful sister-in-laws to be Shellie, Trish and Lindsay. Lindsay was kind enough to host it at her house and it was SO great!! Jimmy's aunts and cousins were all there and his grandma and mom..and my mom and grandmother! Even Libbie got to come!

It started off with a FABULOUS little brunch spread that I have to say impressed me a lot!! Jimmy's mom, Sue, apparently has collected all these little glass plates and cups for a long time and they have been used at multiple Carter showers. The girls made yogurt parfaits with kiwi and strawberry on top and some granola at the bottom and put them in the little glass cups and then we had a delicious egg and spinach quiche, then finally some wonderful banana bread (with some yummy filling in the middle) to top it off. YUM. And they also had a bakery make some adorable cookies that had Jimmy & I's initials on them. Overall- I have to say...the food and drinks were impressive!!! They have had lots of experience too :) I'm excited to help host Hillary's shower for her and Bobby's wedding in October since I'll be an official Carter by then!!!

Then it was time for presents. And let me say- there were a lot of them! They were all too nice to us :) But the fun part was that everyone had to fill out a card with 2 truths and 1 lie about their own wedding day. Then they read that out loud before I opened their present and I had to guess which one was a lie. It was really fun getting to hear about all the ups and downs of everyone else's wedding day...and made me pray that some of them don't happen to us! From a tornado (my mom's wedding day), to being driven around by a not-so-sober groomsman (his aunt's) to a lost and never found cake (his cousin).....I think they had all the wedding day tragedy's covered!!

Here are some fun pictures of the morning!!

Opening the presents begins...Lindsay was kind enough to be the gift carrier :)

Kitchen stuff!!! Love it!

Jimmy's cousin and her little girl

Thinking hard about the 2 truths and 1 lie game...

Jimmy's grandma telling about her wedding day!

My grandmother telling about her wedding day....lots to learn from these ladies!

My grandmother made me a great recipe box with all her recipes handwritten. So thoughtful and a treasure I can keep forever!

Libbie got to come!! She drew me a great picture as a bride :)

Hillary and Norah!! So cute!

All the Carter and soon-to-be Carter women! Thanks so much for hosting such a wonderful shower!! Can't wait to officially be a Carter :) They are a great family and I'm thankful to become a part of it!!

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