Thursday, March 4, 2010

Manhattan-9,542,156. Britt-0.

Last Saturday was siblings weekend for Pi Phi at K-State. I honestly kind of forgot when it was because I was acting selfish and only thinking about the wedding and house...then Lyndsay mentioned it a few weeks ago. I casually mentioned it to Jimmy and he JUMPED on the chance to go up and spend a night hanging out with his soon-to-be sister in Manhattan, so I was excited!!

We headed west right after the wonderful Carter wedding shower (more details on that later) and caught the end of the KU/OSU game in the bar at our hotel. Then I changed into some K-State attire and Jimmy changed out of the KU attire, it started off with a fun and sober picture.

We then headed to the wonderous Buffalo Wild Wings in Aggieville to watch the KSU/MU game. Really, the 3 of us (me, Jimmy and Lyndsay) just ate lots and drank lots of beer. Maybe too many beers in that one setting. I think that was what killed me.

After the game was over, we headed to Salty Rim because I had to introduce my sister to Nudie Photo Hunt. Seriously, she had never played it in her life. WHAT? Where have I been as a big sister? So I had to introduce it to her. Of course, she loved it and became obsessed. Then her bf, Andrew, showed up and he and Jimmy started "man" time by playing darts. **Then I also ran into Sharon and Lauren McClelland and I was THRILLED!! They are hilarious** Then we headed to the "ship" aka Auntie Maes and found out that they have an AMAZING new photo hunt machine so I proceeded to play that all night. While drinking lots. And lots. With no water. It was bad.

Then off to Porters.....where we had some drinks, ran into some friends (my age!- Van and Lauren!) and then decided to follow the crowd to Shot Stop. This is where the night got bad. Andrew decided it would be an excellent idea to introduce everyone to his rainbow shots. Not just one shot, but 5. All different colors of the rainbow. All in one setting. BAD idea. Still not sure how I survived. But I pushed through. Here is this madness, documented...courtesy of Mrs. Strathman.

And then of course, some Pi Phi pledge class '03 love.

And then some sister love....oh the wine and silver blue!

And this picture officially gets Andrew a boyfriend of the year award. Purple purse and all. I love it. He pulls off that color very well.

Hm, then we went to an out of house party to celebrate Andrew's little brother's birthday. Yes, we were by far the older people there. Well Jimmy was. I'm still a TON younger than him :) And then FINALLY we went to Lambda Chi and played some Wii and took stupid pictures. My sister did inform me that I was trying to drive the Mario Kart wheel upside down. That must have been when we decided it was time to go home.....

A little DD took us home, that Jimmy paid money. And then I woke up the next morning feeling like absolute misery. Um yeah, guess I'm not in college anymore. Remember, you graduated 3 years ago!! Get a grip Brittany. The next day was horrible. I will spare you any and all the miserable details of the 2 hour drive home, but when we finally made it home...I spent the rest of the day in bed, barely getting out to eat some soup. The title of this blog post is what Jimmy's facebook status read the next day. Oh how true that is.

HOWEVER, it was very fun siblings weekend and thank you to Lynday and Andrew for showing us old folks a great time!!! Only one more siblings weekend left before my little sister graduates college---SCARY!

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