Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My breakfast or dog food?

So this morning, as I'm pouring my new favorite cereal of choice: Chocolate Cheerios, which are freaking delicious and a healthy choice (per Hungry Girl, Milly's dog food bowl was sitting right next to my cereal bowl and I couldn't help but notice the stark similarities between her breakfast and mine. While the shape of the pieces might be a little different, the coloring is almost identical. Luckily, I was much more coherent and feeling better this morning than last (fever finally broke and back to work I went today) so I didn't start eating my dog's food. But just thought I would point out this revelation. Take a look for yourself:

***Just because I am stating that it looks like dog food, I would like to make it clear these Chocolate Cheerios do not AT ALL taste like dog food. They are a healthy version of Cocoa Puffs (in my mind) which I loved as a child! I actually bought them because I gave up sweets for lent and was having major chocolate withdrawals. These saved the day :)

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