Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Day surprise!

So on Friday, we got new granite countertops and a new sink. And I rushed home after work and loved them!!! Love them still. However, the one thing I still absolutely HATED about our kitchen was the linoleum floor that is white, dirty, and very outdated. I try to clean it, but it's never clean. The dogs track mud in all over it and it's just gross. The new countertops were supposed to be the last house project on the "to do" list (which really just required $$ because it was not DIY) before the wedding. But, yes, it happened...I just couldn't handle how awful our pretty new granite looked with the old countertops. And since the granite was less than we had budgeted for, we had the extra $$ to buy supplies to tile the floor....and a free guess what we did all weekend? :) We ripped up the old linoleum floors on Saturday to find a beautiful, almost camouflage, tile underneath. The good thing was though that after hammering the million staple down that were popping up, the base was actually in good condition and they had already leveled it out! So then on Sunday, we got to start laying the backer board down to serve as the base for the tile. FUN FUN. Here is a documentation of the weekend.......yes our wonderful valentine day/romantic weekend was spent with Roger, demolishing our kitchen floor and piecing it back together! Who said home ownership isn't fun??

Evan and Jimmy installing our awesome new facuet. This was technically before the floor demo project commenced. I had just asked my dad to come over and pull up the tile behind the fridge to see what the floor looked like underneath and what condition it was in...

...this was his initial ripping up. Jimmy claims I knew it would turn into a full demo. Maybe I did, maybe I didn't :)

Dad and Willy @ work!

The linoleum that is no more :)

Hello camo floors! Who would EVER want that in their kitchen??!!!?

Dad working hard---he is a machine!

Jimmy with his new favorite tool. He did scrape the crap out of his hand. What a tough guy!

And the end of Saturday night. We had to break so the guys could watch the KU game.

Sunday begins with installing the backer board. That stuff isn't cheap either!!

Went in all the crevices first..

Almost all covered!

Jimmy with his drill...

And I helped too!! Not going to lie, I have blisters and cuts all over my hands...

And the floor covered with the backer board, ready for the tile job on Saturday & Sunday!

My dad came over on his day off yesterday (President's day) and laid out all the tile and cut some of the tricky ones---and it looks great!! I can't wait for teh weekend so we can get the tile works started. So lucky to have him and Jimmy around who are smart enough to get all this done so fast! I am helping this time though, which I'm sure they appreciate! And I promise....LAST HOUSE PROJECT before the wedding and big one of 2010 (that includes major demo). Jimmy said I need to sign a contract stating this though because he doesn't believe me :) All I can say, I'm going to be one happy wife whipping up some cooking in this new kitchen!!!!!

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  1. Brittany- I spent my Valentine's Day painting trim! Josh bought a house in September that he had to completely gut and re-model, but he's getting there. I got roses, a card, and a slap on the butt to say "Hey Babe, let's go paint some trim". So romantic :) The countertops look great!!