Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"Biological" parents

Have I ever wrote on my blog the story of how Milly and Willy became my dogs? Well, because of what I have to tell you at the end of this post (the hint is in the title), I'm going to tell you about how Milly and Willy became my dogs :)

It all started only a week after I started working at Hallmark in September of 2008. I had a job that I didn't travel finally and I couldn't wait to get a dog! I knew I didn't want the responsiblity of a puppy quite yet and knew it was the perfect time for me to adopt a dog from a shelter and save their life. So my search began scouring the internet sites of all the local KC shelters trying to find a wiener dog that was perfect for me. I found a few, but the time wasn't right...I was going out of town the next weekend. I had plans the next. Never any time. My mom called me and said something I'll never forget, "Brittany, if you wait for the perfect time to adopt a dog....you will never get a dog. If you are ready for a dog, then get one and you'll make your life work around it. The same goes with kids...so don't forget this." Oh Barb, I certainly did not forget it.

I knew it was time. I found the perfect dog named Sassy at Wayside Waifs. I loved her instantly from her picture. When Jimmy was off work, I made him drive to Grandview with me to go get her. I was SO excited. We drove there and to my disappointment...she was gone. Already adopted. Someone else already loved her. And do you know what I did? Hysterically sob (hard sobs, like the kind where your abs hurt the next day) all the way back to my condo...I kept crying to Jimmy that someone took my dog. And Jimmy, being Jimmy, comforted me but assured me that Sassy was not meant to be my dog. My dog would come soon and I would know when it was the perfect dog and all the circumstances would work out.

The next day, Jimmy sent me an email about 2 wiener dogs that were up for adoption at the local Merriam no-kill shelter, Animal Haven. I said-- "Send me a picture". He said-- "There is none." I said--- "That's because they are not cute, I'm not going to look at them. Plus it says that you have to take them both. I DO NOT want two dogs." He said --- "Brittany, let's just go after work and see what you think." I said -- "FINE."

After work, we drove to 67th and 1-35 to Animal Haven. It was a beautiful day outside and most of the dogs were outside in the pens that the shelter had for them set up. My eyes began searching for a wiener dog...or two. Then I saw him. The cutest, chunkiest little wiener dog I'd ever seen barking at us! I told Jimmy he looked just like Daisy, my parents dog. And as we were walking up, this little sweet dapple wiener dog popped her sweet little head out of the dog house igloo to stare right at us. OMG cutest dogs ever. I had to have them both. Like ASAP. So of course, I wanted to pet them and meet them right away. The lady that worked at the shelter said it looked like they loved me....HOWEVER, there is already an application for them to be adopted. Oh my gosh. My heart dropped at that moment. This cannot be true. I told her all about my love for wiener dogs. That I grew up with them. I would love them. Apparently she was convinced because she told me that I could go ahead and fill out an adoption application. She had a feeling that the people that are supposed to adopt them...she thinks it just won't work out because it's a dad that wants them for his kids, but the mom has to agree and they are divorced. They had 24 hours to decide. If not, they were mine. I filled out the paperwork and went home. That was all on Monday afternoon.


But then at 4:30PM, I was driving home from work and got THE call. They were mine. The parents couldn't agree, so they decided not to adopt them. I could come get them ASAP.

Wait, what? Right now? Um, ok. I called my mom, kind of cried and muttered the words..."I feel like someone just called me to inform me that I'm pregnant with twins and I have to deliver them now......................." aka what am I going to do with 2 dogs!? I call Jimmy, he meets me at Animal Haven. We walk out with 2 dogs. With kennel cough. Go to Petsmart. Buy stuff. Haul everything up to my condo. Then he tries to leave. I mutter..."YOU CANNOT LEAVE ME HERE WITH 2 DOGS!!!!!!! WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH THEM?". He laughs and I think he ends up staying because I was a mess, but I know he thought I was ridiculous, as usual. But you know what? They were my dogs. And I ended up falling in love with them. And my mom was right, I made my life work around them and I was happier because of it :)

On of our first pictures together in my condo!

Now to the present time....
Ok- I'm sorry for making you read that. However, I feel as though you need adequate background to appreciate the absolute craziness of the story I'm about to tell you.

Last Friday night we were at Bobby and Hillary's house for Bobby's 25th birthday celebration (more to come on that). Their friends were over and one of them I knew had just gotten a wiener dog with his wife and we were talking about it (duh). And I said, yes, we had 2 of them as well. Yep, names are Milly and Willy---STOP. He says, "What are there names?" I repeat myself. He asks to see pictures. I whip out my cell phone and show him tons. He asks where I got them. I say Animal Haven. He says when. I say 2.5 years ago. He says what happened to their previous owners? I say, "apparently they lost their house to foreclosure and they couldn't keep the dogs". His face....well lets just say it was in shock.

He tells me that it was his friend's family from high school that owned these dogs before. He knows it. He remembers them. He loved them. They are the reason he and his wife got a wiener dog because he loved going to his friend's house to play with them.

I'm in shock. No way - have I found out who Milly and Willy's "biological" parents? Their parents before us? Questions like this and more start to roll through my mind.

He tells the other people at the party, that all went to high school together (including my brother and sister in law)...and they all remember them. The girls start talking about Milly and how cute and sweet she was and how they remember her. And Willy, yes he's apparently always been fat, but so cute. They know them. They all knew them in their previous life. I kept asking questions- what was it like? Did their family love them? (answer was yes) But why did they give them up? (had to move from a ritzy neighborhood to a smaller house) (PS I imagined a much more dramatic event, but again I have an imagination).

So that was it. Everyone knew Milly and Willy's old parents. It was even confirmed when they asked how old Milly was. She turned 10 in 2010. Yep, they named her Milly after the millennium because they got her in 2000. Confirmed. So I call my mom. Text Vanessa. Call my sister until she calls me back. I mean, I feel like my life was turned upside down.

But not really. I'm happy to know that they were very much loved in their previous life and had a good home. But you know what? I'm even happier that they have an even better home now...one that they are loved even more than before. I'm happy that they came to the conclusion that they could no longer keep them and took them to Animal Haven. And made sure that when adopted, they had to go together. And that I got to adopt them. And even though it was freaky and changed my life forever, it seems to me that those things that are a little freaky, a little uncomfortable and make you change a bit---yep, those are the ones that change you for the better and forever. And ensure that you keep smiling everyday.

So here's to Milly and Willy's "biological" parents- I thank you for loving them and molding them into the dogs they were when I adopted them. Just wanted to let you know, if you are wondering, your dogs are in a good home and are VERY loved.

PS but really, just how CRAZY is it that we found this out and what a small freaking world!!!!! I kept asking Bobby and Hillary how they never figured this out (because they knew the kid too), but they said they just never put it together. Which who would? I mean what a small world!


  1. Britt! This post is exactly what I needed to hear right now as I am contemplating adopting a dog! I have a million reasons why I shouldn't (money, time, we already have 2 dogs in our house) but I just can't help but feel I am ready for a little guy! I think you posting this is another sign!

  2. we had a similar story happen to us... we were at a church dinner and there was another young married couple and we were all talking about our puppies (we had just gotten Tyson). We are each telling stories, talking about how we got them from a shelter, etc- when something clicks with me. I ask them where they got their TWO pups (brother and sister) and ask to see pics. Yep- just what I thought..... they were Tyson's litter mates! We have yet to get them all together to play, but it is such a small world!