Friday, June 10, 2011

Wing lovers: read below!

Ok, so I love wings. Hot wings, to be more specific. Not sure when it happened or why, but when Jimmy and I dated in college and I would go visit him in Lawrence...we would always cap off my weekend visit with a trip to Jefferson's on Mass Street each Sunday to get the 35-cent wings. Like pretty much every time I visited. Our standard order was: fried pickles for an appetizer, medium wings with blue cheese for me and hot wings with ranch for Jimmy. A few times going there, it became our favorite wing place.

And that was all it took me to fall in love with wings.

Reason #1 I love Jefferson's wings vs. other places: their wings are not super saucy (meaning I don't get the sauce underneath my nails and can still some how see it 6 days later).

Other places we visited just weren't like that, including a standard wing joint, Buffalo Wild Wings....UNTIL NOW.

This is huge news people. Jimmy and I made a random dinner trip to BWW in Overland Park on Tuesday night of this week for the 45-cent traditional wing night. To my surprise and we sat down, the hostess was doing her standard "welcome, your waitress will be with you (blah blah)...and did you hear that we now are offering seasonings to put on your wings...kind of like a rub you put on meat ----" and I shot my head up and interupted her right there. I asked for more specification. "You mean, these seasonings are in place of the sauce? (aka the sauce that gets stuck in my fingernails for days...)". She said yes and my waitress would have more information.

So duh, I had to try them. I love the "sauceless option" but with the same medium level of spiciness! And oh my goodness, they were so delicious. I loved every minute of them and have pretty much been dreaming about it ever since. I want more of them. Now!!

After this wonderful experience, I texted my wing girl (haha, get it? supposed to be like wing man...but a wing expert that's a girl...ok maybe not that funny) Emily Mc to see if she had tried them. She hadn't but was going there the next night - AH! I told her she must get them and provide a review. I texted her after to see if she did and silly Emily went with "our" old standard order of Spicy Garlic sauce because she was just so used to it. You can't blame a girl - those are pretty freaking good too. She was bummed about not being able to provide an "official review" (as I told her I wanted from her), but she said her brother-in-law did try them...and she said he loved them too. So there you have it. Wing girl's brother-in-law love the seasoning too. Does that have you sold? If not, no worries - wing girl has promised she will get them next time and provide me with a thorough review :) Thanks wing girl - I can always count on you.

I also had to let me other wing friend know - Katie, a friend from work. Remember when we double dated to Lawrence with her and her boyfriend Max to visit Jefferson's? Well, they are wing lovers too - so when she found out, she was very excited, as they had usually snubbed BWW, but were willing to give it a try now. YES! So double date #2 to enjoy wings is being set up.

Now to you blog folks - I just couldn't let his secret/revelation/excitement go without letting you know. So if you (1) love wings or (1)(a) like BWW and (2) want to try something new and delicious - GO try these! They won't disappoint you. Unless you like wing sauce everywhere in your wing eating experience. If that is the case, go with the standard Spicy Garlic :)

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