Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dr. Dan

This past Saturday was graduation weekend for many people, whether it be from High School, college, or beyond....congratulations to all!!! What a feeling of graduating :) The feeling of accomplishment, joy and also that bittersweet sliver of leaving the comfortable and going one to something new.

Anyways, we had 2 graduates in our family/friends this weekend and of course the ceremonies were at the same time! My cousin Wil graduated from Park Hill high school (yeah Wil!!!) and one of Jimmy's best friend's (hence, my friend too), Dan graduated from pharmacy a doctor. PhD. How does that make you feel?? Makes me feel not as cool because I don't have 3 letters (or 2...MD, JD) after my name!! But to help him celebrate, Jimmy, Danny (Dr. Dan's cousin and Jimmy's other best friend), and I made the trip up to Lawrence on Sunday early afternoon to see him walk down the hill with his class in the famous KU tradition and have a few drinks with him at the Wheel to kick off his life as a PhD in style!

First off, we had to leave a little early to arrive at our favorite eatery in Lawrence that brought back good, old memories of Jimmy and I going there every Sunday when I was getting ready to head back to Manhattan for their 35 cent wings and fried pickles. So of course, we got our "usual". Danny K joined us as well, as he is a big wing fan. And I finally figured out why I LOVE their wings so much (after being deprived from them for so long and trying to find a place in KC that compares). It's because they have so much meat on them! YUM!

Danny K and Jim at the table. Besties.

Then we were headed off to the Wheel for a beer or two and ran into a few other friends that had just recently graduated from Law school! WOW...things I kept thinking about all day- 1) We have smart friends and 2) Are we really old enough to have friends that are doctors/lawyers/pharmacists, etc.? Holy cow! After they had a beer and I had my usual DC and dominated the nudie photo hunt machine (yes in the middle of the day I was playing it- don't judge, I only got the 2nd highest score and I was bummed), it was off to the hill to watch the graduates!

Now I have been aware and informed of this tradition KU has of walking down the hill, as Jimmy did it 2 years ago, but I had never actually witnessed it because I was in charge of preparing for the graduation party during Jimmy's graduation. But it was really neat! Everyone from every college in the university- including med school that is in KC- walks down the hill to the stadium. Luckily, Pharmacy students were first to walk down, so we met up with Dr. Dan's family, watched him walk down, cheered him on and took a few pictures and then it was back to the Wheel to save spots for everyone coming there after!!

Some stupid picture Jimmy snapped of Danny K and I on the hill when I gave him the camera because I was too short to get any pictures of Dr. Dan!

Pharmacy students!!!

Introducing...Dr. Dan!!

At the table at the Wheel just hanging out!

Then we headed back to KC with a full car and dropped Dr. Dan off at his house...and were graciously invited in to eat some food his parents made in honor of him. And it was delicious!

Thanks Dr. Dan for letting us share in your day and all your accomplishments :) We are so proud of you!!!!!


  1. That's so funny my brother-in law has the same Jayhawks shirt as your husband! I'm sure you see that more often in your area but in CT you rarely see anything Jayhawks so it's funny when I saw the pics above!

  2. I was walking down the hill on the other side! I was in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and we were pretty much the only school walking down the other sidewalk. I loove that tradition!