Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Carter filled weekend Part 2: Birthday party & dinner!

Ok- warning. This is a picture heavy post! Only because these kids are so adorable!

Saturday morning, we woke up after a fun night at the concert and headed out to Deanna Rose Farm for Kenlie's 3rd birthday party! I was really excited because I hadn't been there since I was a kid (it's a petting zoo/really fun stuff place) and Jimmy had never been there in his life- where was he during childhood?! So we headed in the birthday party entrance, with an incredibly large barbie gift bag in hand (Direct quote from Jimmy: "If you would have told me 10 years ago, I would be walking into a petting zoo with a huge barbie bag in my hand, I'd have called you crazy") for the princess themed birthday party!!!!

Each party was in their own stable and there were lots of other parties around too! It was fun to see all of the kids parties :) So after everyone arrived, princess Kenlie put on her party attire :)

How cute is she?

I had to get one with her adorable matching shoes! However, it was a little bit muddy, so the dress didn't last long :)

Our neighbor had a large itch that he couldn't seem to reach...

Dress off, presents opened, cake eaten...happiness for the birthday girl!

It was quite the princess themed spread! Shellie made a cake around snow white and it was SOO good! Then she had the cutest red velvet cupcakes with red icing and a stick pretzel in the top and icing leaf to symbolize the apple in Snow White!

Carter family at the party!

Kenlie was in the charge for the she got to go where she wanted to! Took this picture while we were wandering around!

Then older sister Libbie joined in :)

Next up was the petting zoo---Maren did not like the goats! I have to admit they were a little scary because it seemed like they wanted to eat your hand!

Norah apparently did not mind them!

Me with the siblings of the birthday girl! The sun was a little too bright for Ben when uncle Jimmy snapped this one!

Next up: Pony rides!! Maren on the horse!! She rode it a couple times!

Ben looked very handsome on his! Jimmy said he had the "best form"

Norah was stuck in her stroller with us while her sister and parents were riding the pony. Needless to say, she was not happy about it and wanted to join in the fun.

Libbie leading the way on her pony

Finally, Norah was back in her element with the goats and she got to feed them this time- with her dad's help!

Uncle Jimmy manning the wagon. Waving bye to the goats!

And the birthday girl :) Very happy with her cheesy chips and satisfied with the day, I'm sure!

Final picture when we were walking out---a bank for Ben!!

What a fun/exhausting morning! But it was so great to hang out with all the kids....everyone had a blast, including the adults!

Later that day, Jimmy and I did yard work (he mowed---I replanted all the flowers in the front flower beds) and then we were off to dinner with all the Carter boys and their wives to Cafe Trio right off the plaza for our quarterly dinner/night out. It was delicious and then we headed to the Levee to listed to some music and hang out. Overall, a fun weekend with the Carter family!

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