Wednesday, December 26, 2012

4 month pictures

On December 1, just one day after our little man officially hit 4 months old, we got his second round of pictures taken.  They were originally intended to be 3 month pictures, but guess what?  This mama didn't email our lovely photographer until like 2 days before he turned 3 months because that was the same time I went back to work.  Too many things to remember I guess.  When she originally said her first availability was Dec 1, I was kind of sad, but it actually turned out really well.  Why?  Because little Charlie turned into a rockstar head holder-upper (is that a skill?) on his tummy...and it made for some super sweet pictures.  And this time - we actually got some pictures of the 3 of us.  At our newborn pictures we even talked about it, but then seriously after we got some good ones of him I literally thought I was going to die.  10 days after giving birth did not look good on this lady, especially since I was all over the ground trying to help position Charlie.  You will be happy to know that everyone was in MUCH better spirits this time around.

The funny part?  Charlie smiles ALL the time.  Like every time you laugh at him her smiles or laughs back at you.  It's contagious.  Every time except when he's getting his pictures professionally taken.  Of course, right?  What a joker this kid is!! But never fear, Amanda did get some good ones!!!

Jimmy's face is silly but he was trying to make Charlie laugh!

WOAH big eyes!

Love this one so much

Haha this one was "dumbo" baby

I love this one.

And then we brought out the sled....

He wasn't sure what to think of it


And there you have it!  Charlie's 4 month pictures and some great family pics!!  Can't wait for the next round in a few months!  We're going to wait until he's sitting up pretty well to get those!


  1. Man he is just sooo handsome!!

    And - are you using cloth diapers? Confused...

    1. No we are not using cloth diapers but Erica got us 2 in case we did from her client! So I just brought it along because its so much cuter than disposable :)

  2. I can't decide which one I like best because they are all SO good! He is such a cutie.