Monday, December 3, 2012

FOUR MONTHS...already!

Somehow the month of November flew by and all of a sudden you are 4 months old.  And guess what?  This last month was not easy with mom going back to work full time and everyone adjusting to that (I think your dog siblings might have had a harder time adjusting than you...) and also with some sickness...but we made it.  And looking back, we learned a lot about each other this past month and our little family has somewhat of a good routine going to keep happy parents and a happy baby!

Highlights from this month were you getting baptized of course and your first big holiday!  Mom and dad also had two nights out alone in the last month which were pretty great too and meant you got to spend lots of fun time with your grandparents! And guess what else?  In your 3 month post I talked about how you hadn't rolled over yet and I was hoping you would do it for me the first time - well you listened and did it for me, Nana and Papa B.  Dad was at a school auction and you wouldn't do it again for the camera - but then you finally got the hang of it and are doing it lots.  Even at day care - they told me but asked me if I had seen it first.  So nice of them but makes me wonder what other things you are doing that I don't know about yet!!!

Here's the list of what you are doing now...

  • You still seem to smile all the time.  Except of course when we got your professional 4 month pictures taken.  It took us a lot to get you to smile then.  You silly baby.
  • You continue to have lots of baby talk and respond when we make noises at you.  It's kind of like we are talking, but not really, but so awesome still.  
  • You are rolling over like crazy.  You did it a lot a few weeks ago and haven't kept it up - but we'll get there.  Still no back to front, but lots of front to back
  • You grab EVERYTHING!  Toys, burp clothes, blankets, and especially mom's hair!
  • Your teachers love you.  When we walk in to pick you up, they are lots of times holding you and playing and you guys are all laughing.  Cracks me up.
  • You have become a rock star bottle taker - 4 ounces every time.  Nice little man!
  • Your sleep this month was not that great.  You started out well with the 8-10 hours straight and then you got sick.  And stayed sick.  And that was waking you up one to two times a night.  Then right after Thanksgiving you got better and started sleeping again. But then you started teething.  AH!!  
  • Speaking are teething.  Ms Linda and I think that you are going to get a tooth on the bottom left.  Your hands are in your mouth 24/ love drool non-stop.  You get double bibbed at school which is funny!  They say you usually don't get teeth until 6 months or so - so we'll see if you are just fooling us or what.
  • You are wearing some 3-6 month clothes still, some 6-9 and all Carter's 6 months.  I was pretty much in denial when I was putting away all the newborn and 0-3 month clothes and couldn't believe you are in 6 month clothes already.  But I guess you are 4 months, so that's totally normal - but it just doesn't seem real!
  • Did I mention you are a thumb sucker?  If not, I think it's official.
  • You are all over your crib.  If mom puts you in vertically, you wake up horizontally.
  • We are working on cutting out the midnight feeding and going to try to just leave you in your crib when you cry. Even though I don't know if I can do that because I just want to hold you and rock you so bad.  Because I love it and I miss you.
  • You are in size 3 diapers and man oh man, I feel like they are getting tighter.  Growing like a weed!!

We went to your 4 month appointment today and here are the stats:
Weight: 15lbs and 10oz (75% percentile)
Length: 25.75 in (75% percentile)
Head Circumference: 17.5 (75% percentile)

You did pretty good with the shots (mom made dad hold you down this time).  Mom had this grand plan to work from home all day so we could get to the doctor and then back and let you sleep while she worked.  Well at 7:30 when she tried to turn her computer on, it didn't turn on.  So then went the fun of going into work and trying to get it fixed.  Didn't work out - so she just took the day off and we got to spend the whole day together just like old times.  She just couldn't handle taking you back to day care after those shots.  She's a wimp, I know.

Onto your oh so adorable pictures with this bear.  Compared to your 3 month pics, you look bigger I think, but also can prop up/sit up against the bear much better.  I can't wait to look at these every month as you grow (here's 2 month and 1 month).

Of course...the best part?  The outtakes.

These crack me up because they show you just how hard you were your little leg in the air and then the look on your face as you start to fall over.

 This first one is you staring at your dad, Charlie.  You pretty much think he's the funniest guy around.  And the last one of the photo shoot - as always you fell over but this time were just mesmerized by the light or the fan.  Pretty content.  My question?  How come we couldn't get you to smile like this in your 4 month professional pictures the day before?!?!

I just am so consumed with loving you.  As the days go by I keep thinking there is no way I could love you more than I did yesterday but I do.  I could sit and stare at you when you fall asleep in my arms all night if I could stay awake.  And you know what's weird?  If you wake up once a night, I don't get frustrated at all.  When you were going ALL night long I missed you.  I guess I'm weird, but waking up at 3AM to feed you is still nice because it's our time.

And finally, one thing I learned in the last month is what a selfish mom I am.  Selfish as in - I want you all to myself.  I need to share you a bit, but I just love you so much I always want to be the one holding you, feeding you, playing with you, rocking you to sleep.  I even told your dad the other day I was sorry if he thinks I hog you all the time - but he said he doesn't mind because he loves how much I love you.  It's true.  You have just made me so happy these last 4 months it's so weird to think about life before you.  Well Charlie - here's to many more fabulous months together.


  1. Amber necklaces are supposed to be really good for teething. Amber is a natural anti-inflammatory and we have friends that swear by them! Just an fyi! P.S. He is adorable!!

  2. Happy Four Months, Charlie! You are doing great!