Friday, December 28, 2012

Week 21: Holidays!

The holidays always seem to got by way too fast!  And even more so with a little babe.  While I tried my best to stay on top of everything (teacher's gifts, present buying, holiday decor, etc.), it ended up that everything was done again at the last minute.  But hey, it got done, right?  That's what counts!!

You also had your first snow this week.  While you didn't play in it (too cold), you were pretty mesmerized looking at it.  So crazy that next year you will want to be out there running around.  That's dad's job because mom likes to stay inside!

It also marked a start of mom and dad "dating" again with our first surprise date in a LONG time.  Maybe the first one of 2012.  And the last.  But that's what 2013 is for, right?

We also had a fun play date with Jackson and then Christmas Eve was upon us already.  SO much fun this week and so looking forward to our time in Houston and time off to spend with you!!

Krista - you totally inspired me.  While I wasn't too creative, I had fun making the teacher gifts!

First snow - let's stay in bed mom!!!!

Dad/son twin day.  They are so handsome my men!!

Charlie is for sure noticing these crazy dogs now.  He's grabbing at them and everything.  Jimmy had him "ride" Willy one night and it sure was interesting.  Willy didn't seem to mind or really like it.

Cutest outfit ever from the Griffins - just dying at this.  I love him!

Mother/son day out includes feeding in random spots.  Gotta do what you gotta do, even in Westport in a parking lot.

Full stockings for all as we headed into Christmas!

Santa was WAY to nice to us this year!

Dad with his "poop stick'

Finally - the cookie dough cheesecake - YUM!!  Mom made just for dad!

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